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Total look by KENZO
Last week while Carolina and I were shopping in Stockholm, she came up with the great idea of doing a concept shoot together. We have -almost- the same exact Kenzo outfit, so she quickly started browsing all this “creepy twin” inspiration photos from google during lunch and BAM!, plans were in the making.
We were both staying at the Scandic Grand Central last weekend and it was pretty much the perfect setting for the concept we were looking for. Although we didn’t have much time to shoot it, we got our hair and makeup done in a flash and were done before we even expected, so BIG props to Mattias for producing this awesome photos is such a short period of time!
We are extremely happy with the result and hope you guys like the photos as well!

176 thoughts on “SEEING DOUBLE

  1. standing ovation for these photos! great concept, outfit and talents – job well done!check-out my new post :)

  2. you are special edicion!love your photos! are perfect!i hope you can check my blog dayy..xxxZAF.Fashion

  3. You gotta' love the whole concept, it's amazing, I can totes see this post as Gemini or double vision etc. lol. Love the fun you injected into this look and I agree that the whole twins thing can be creepy but love the fashion take on it, it's gorgeous and romantic!!!! <3 LOVE KENZO on you two heheee. I've just post up my first ever LAYERING post with step-by-step images of provoking layers! I credit the provocation to the Stella McCartney SS13 Perspex Sandals but still, do tell me what you think! ;)xx The Provoker

  4. This is so cool, me and my bestfriend always turn up to places looking practically identical too! haha

  5. wow wow wow, I am stunned speechless, these pictures turned out amazing and I love the concept of the shoot, you ladies look beautiful!xx

  6. ahhaha really cool shoot, it does kind of makes me scared but i know you guys are sweet hahaxx ish

  7. Oh girls, this is genius! Such a fun shoot. Love the subtle differences in the outfits.Trench coat Giveaway on my blog!Wishing you a Happy Easter Hun xoxo

  8. You two are far more chic than the Shining twins, although their dresses ARE pretty vintage looking.

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