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Skirt: Kenzo  |  Sweater: Alexander Wang  |  Jacket: Sandro  |  Boots: ACNE  |  Sunglasses: ASOS

Things have been kind of perfect since I arrived in Stockholm. I am at the Scandic Grand Central, aka home away from home, plus I finally got to see my bestie Carolina after a month of being apart.  
I love it here despite the weather (?), Ok, not so fond of the weather, its freezing cold beyond imagination, but hey, Spring and Summer are coming and Stockholm is pretty perfect during the Summer ;).

Photos by Carolina Engman

156 thoughts on “GRAND

  1. Kenzo and Wang put together just cannot end wrong, in fact it's gotta end perfect! The mirror sunnies are really cool and must have looked great and surprizing in freezing Stockholm streets as – don't know why – they kinda reminds us more about summer :) Love,Lidia & AleksandraFeel invited to check out our brand new blog :)

  2. that skirt is tres fab!about the weather: don't get me started, Canada is riiiidddiculous, car got stuck trying to get into my driveway yesterday (that is how much snow we had on what was supposed to be officially the first day of spring!*?!)

  3. You look amazing Andy, I really love your style! I've been following stylescrapbook for many years now, and I fell like I'm addicted to the blog! Your post are always so perfect, and you look so flawless!I just wish that you would do more videos, cause I really love watching you speak, you have such a lovely and calm voice, and I love how you express your self!!// Julie Mitzie

  4. The skirt is so cute! I got to know Stockholm last Fall and it was great. Of all the places I visited, Sweden has by far the most stylish people!

  5. Gorgeous print on your skirt. So great to see you to re-united again!Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  6. me encaaaanta èse abrigo y el toque de color de la falda!!!!!besooos

  7. me encaaaanta èse abrigo y el toque de color de la falda!!!!!besooos

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