March 12, 2013 in Photo Diaries, Trips by Andy

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I spent 2 and a half weeks touring Mexico auditioning contestants for ELLE Mexico Diseña 2013 and here is a small diary of what happened during the trip. I had such an amazing time and got to meet such an incredible group of people. I feel so grateful to be able to have all this opportunities and filming this TV series has been one of the highlights for me. Not only because I got to experience so many new things, but because I got to meet so many of my readers and very talented young designers in Mexico, dreaming of becoming the next big Fashion Designer. I hope I get to show you some of the dresses the contestants brought to us, but since the show isn’t on air yet, all of these images are under embargo until the show comes out.
Thank you ELLE Mexico and Sara Galindo for believing in me to be part of the project!