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I spent 2 and a half weeks touring Mexico auditioning contestants for ELLE Mexico Diseña 2013 and here is a small diary of what happened during the trip. I had such an amazing time and got to meet such an incredible group of people. I feel so grateful to be able to have all this opportunities and filming this TV series has been one of the highlights for me. Not only because I got to experience so many new things, but because I got to meet so many of my readers and very talented young designers in Mexico, dreaming of becoming the next big Fashion Designer. I hope I get to show you some of the dresses the contestants brought to us, but since the show isn’t on air yet, all of these images are under embargo until the show comes out.
Thank you ELLE Mexico and Sara Galindo for believing in me to be part of the project! 


  1. Me fascinaro todas las fotos!!!! Me encanta cuando hay fotos de viajes… muchas… y de comida!! Y ya he guradado los peinados que te han hecho porque estan bellisimos al igual que los maquillajes… Diez puntos!!


  3. Me dio mucho gusto conocerte Andy eres una chava con los pies en la tierra y muy linda… te deseo mucho éxito y estaremos al pendiente del certámen por la tele! muero por verlo

  4. looks like you had an amazing time! i love your braided updo in a few of the photos, i've posted a similar one on my blog today!www.insparisian.com

  5. Hi!I'm an italian girl based in Paris and I always miss the sea and hot temperature, in this days here in Paris it's cold and it snows. Anyway, lovely photos! Ciao

  6. You are amazing, those makeup and hair gave the best of you! Can't wait to see pictures of the creations… Fannytvotvp.blogspot.com

  7. Woo those are amazing pictures – such a glamorous life style, haha. :-) And I think I recognize that bikini, H & M, right? Because I really wanted it, but it sold out so quickly both online and in the actual stores before I got my hands on it..

  8. Wouldn't mind staying in that hotel room, especially the hammock in the bathroom is so cool! xxwww.creativityandchocolate.com

  9. I LOOOOOVE this post.You have the perfect life Andy !!! And your hair with extentions make you more beautifulxxxValentinehttp://mylifewithvalentine.blogspot.fr/http://mylifewithvalentine.blogspot.fr/<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. Andy, I do not know if you read all the comments, but I want to say that lately you're just incredibly beautiful. I do not know that this is a make up and good things, maybe something else, but you look amazing! I wish you always only prettier!

  11. Viva mexico, vive monterrey! I grew up partly in monterrey spending my summers with my grand parents! I loved it so! And it truly is beautiful, just as your images are, and you! I love the braids, teach us!

  12. Me encanto el Diary y ver mi ciudad en tus fotos -Monterrey-.El hair & make up (wow), just flawless!Xx,www.casualuxe.blogspot.com

  13. grt pictures…and you teriffic as always…did you actually travelled with so many luggage? If yes, hats off to you…but i would really like to know how u managed so much of luggage…thanks for sharing these pictures…

  14. i would say this is your best hair AND makeup ever!!!!new outfit post on – XX the milano modehttp://www.themilanomode.com/http://www.themilanomode.com/http://www.themilanomode.com/http://www.themilanomode.com/http://www.themilanomode.com/

  15. Andy, you are so beautiful and a great inspiration – your mix of things (expensive and cheap) give me a chance to buy some of the things you show on the blog. Thank you and what a wonderful trip you had here. It looks amazing!!

  16. I've loved following this trip on instagram. Your hair has been styled in so many gorgeous ways!Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxohttp://www.intotheblonde.com/

  17. Wow! What a great trip! And Andy, YOU LOOK A-M-A-Z-I-N-G WITH CURLY HAIR!!!! Bellissima! :DVittoria from 5 IN THE MORNINGhttp://vittoriafiveinthemorning.blogspot.it/2013/03/floral.html

  18. Looking through these photos has made me extremely jealous! I love all your looks, you pull off casual chic so well!itslilylocket.blogspot.com

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