Skirt: ZARA  |  Coat: Sandro  |  Shirt: ZARA  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler
Last Wednesday I jetted off to Venice for a special trip organized by Louis Vuitton to visit Fiesso d’Artico, better known as the place where all Louis Vuitton shoes are made. 
It was my first time in Venice but ever since I was a child, I had been dreaming of going there one day and rightly so.
We got picked up at the airport and taken to Venice in a water taxi, so starting from there, it was incredibly magical to arrive there by the water. Followed by a walk through the little streets in Venice at night and into the Louis Vuitton store to look at their Spring shoe collection.
After visiting their store we had a delicious meal at the hotel restaurant and went off to bed. It was a long but incredible day and I found it very hard to fall asleep because of the anticipation and excitement of getting to explore the city in the day time the next day.
More photos coming soon!

143 thoughts on “OFF TO VENICE WITH LV

  1. Hi There, I must say, the pics of Venice are gorgeaus, and I looooove to eat myself, and to cook of course. I'm still new, but your blog is really professional, you have great taste, maybe not allways mine, but still great.

  2. Wow these photos are incredible! You outfit and poses already are drop-dead gorgeous and with this stunning scenario it gets only more and more breath-taking! Also I love the boots and acessories very very much! Venice is such a dream, hope you've had fun :) Fusels

  3. Oh wow! Love your Vence adventures!! So cool with your outfit shots, you look soooo chic even on travel, so fitting that it's LV related which celebrates voyage and traveling. I love your long long legs too, so fierce! :D I've just uploaded my newest outfit featuring the new Meadham Kirchhoff X Amazon jumper + GIVENCHY kilt action, I'd say it's quite provoking, do tell what you think ;)xx The Provoker

  4. how lucky !! i always dream about traveling in europe especially in venice. you look gorgeous, i love the way u mixed and matched. i love the skirt that you're wearing, inspired me to try animal print(have always been skeptic to wear them)but now i ll give them a try. you have a lovely blog muahhzz to for such a fab blog n your efforts.

  5. Andy i have the same feeling: since i was a child i want to visit Venice. It seems to be a very misterious and lovely city. So i can imagine how grateful this experience was for you.:) Anyway i loved your pictures (and the mix you made with the shirt and the skirt, you look pretty amazing).Have a nice sunday dear.♥

  6. Andy i'm from Venice so if you want to come again i'll show you around with pleasure!! You can't imagine how many unknown but magical places there are!!!

  7. LV – dream of every woman ♥ and your skirt? just thinking about get it !! :) really nice :))

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