Leather Jacket: Sandro  |  Skirt: H&M  |  Beanie: American Apparel
I feel so incredibly honored to share with you my second collaboration with Canon, where we filmed a  short series of videos during London Fashion Week. The first video is a very small insight into my life as a blogger during Fashion Week. I cant believe we shot these videos only one week ago and I am finding myself sharing them with you from my hotel room somewhere in Mexico, where I am currently filming a Television series. Very surreal thought indeed.
I hope you like it and come back for more of the videos tomorrow!



  1. I couldn't agree more with this video! Photography aids blogging- I'm a photographer and blogger and my photos from London Fashion Week really boosted my readership :). My blog is 'Style Freak' – check it out!

  2. Andy, what do you think about Fashion Instagram and Fashion Blogger? i think you will getting like fashion instagram because you always post your outfit pics on your instagram before you post on blog.And i think people getting lazy open their blog and just comment and like your instagram.Andy, i love your style from 2009 and i know instagram just for promotion your blog.well, what do you think about instagram?xxRimsDaily

  3. Andy you're amazing, seriously, each day I love you and your blog more. I see you like one of favourites bloggers cause I feel that you're not a vain person, I feel you a true and a nice one, I mean I have met many bloggers that just have a little blog and they believe themselfeves like the center of the blog, right now i'm starting a new blog and I can sound dreamer, but you give a lot of spirit when i see your blog, all your projects… of hugs and kisses

  4. Yo no se si tu de veras lees estos mensajes pero tu eres tan u tan genuina. Me encantas. Se nota que eres un amor y una persona con tan buena vibra, simpatica y down to earth. Me encanta tu blog por eso mismo. Sigue hacia adelante! Un beso boricua desde NY.xo

  5. You know,I like your blog and your work because you are real, you don`t pretend to be someone. And I find it so wonderful that you share with other people your passion and thoughts and you always give advice and tips for blogging and developing of personal style. and what amaze me about you is that you made yourself, not money, not friends of your family…it`s you) And it`s what you should be proud of and I hope you do!thank you, Andy!

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