Leather Jacket: ZARA  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Boots: Alexander Wang  |  Jeans: ZARA
See, the thing is,  as I looked out the window yesterday morning and thought; Hey! The snow is still intact, cool, more snow photos! :)
Then I went outside and BAM! Real feel of -14 degrees Celsius…Took us 5 minutes to shoot these photos, I ran to the car and thought, never again man, never again!
Ayer en la mañana me desperte muy emocionada de ver que la nieve no se había derretido todavía. Me vestí rapidísimo y pense en tomar fotos antes de que no quedara rastro.
Salimos muy contentos a buscar donde tomarlas y ¡BAM!, estábamos a -14 grados centigrados. Nos tardamos 5 minutos tomando fotos hasta que ya no pude mas y corri al coche y pense, nunca jamas.

155 thoughts on “SNOW WHITE

  1. This is G.R.E.A.T I love it. All wright you look frozen, I tried to take some pics last week and I felt the same here in Paris!

  2. You are a real pro to have endured the freezing weather conditions! This post is one of my favorites you have ever done~the look of the pure white of the coat and glam red lipstick against your flawless face blows me away!(='.'=)-Lauren at adorn la femme

  3. You crazy bloggers and your inapproprate outfits for cold weather!The white Zara leather jacket is luscious, I may need one in my xx

  4. Il bianco è un colore difficile, ma lo porti divinamente!brava!Ilaria

  5. your def the modern day Snow white, so beautiful and I adore this look I always love your spins on the sporty chic looks, they are always so fun and so inpsiring Andy!!Cymonexo

  6. Haha, same thing happened to us with the last shooting . All plans went down cause as you said, Amsterdam, real feel -14!!! And now sending you this message it's getting even lower and snowing with a hard wind!No bicycle tomorrow…:)xoxoxo

  7. I have rain all day long for the past 5 days, and sometimes the sun makes an appearance but it doesn't last. Only 5 minutes? The photos look great. Lovely outfit as always!:)

  8. I wish there was snow as such cold weather. At least I could actually go out shoot something. It's been raining like hell these days, I can't even step out of the house. It's driving me insane.You're all matchy-matchy with the snow, I like that. Love when people wear white in the winter.Love, Sara*

  9. Amazing pictures and such a beautiful outfit, you look very cool, if you have a second please visit my blog to check my last post

  10. First thing i thought when i saw these pictures, damn the girl must been cold! Glad you said it underneath the pictures! it somehow reflects in your facial expression. Nevertheless i think this outfit is stunning! the pants are just perfect x

  11. Oh I know what you are talking about. Here in my city the temperatures aren't much higher. It's so freezing cold during outside outfit photo shoots. But I think it was worth standing in the cold for a little time, because your photos are amazing! I especially love the pants. They're gorgeous! xx

  12. Great pants and boots <3 Oh my, -14 is seriously too cold for posing longer than a minute :))) I think we're all anxiously waiting for spring to finally arrive :)xx

  13. I was thinking the exact same thing when I did my snow post yesterday morning .. My boyfriend shot outfit pics for the very first time, so it took a while as well x)Your pics turned out great! Lovely boots ;)

  14. I absolutely love your facial expressions in these shots as well as the mood of the photos, almost like it's about to rain and you're grasping your PS11 and about to make a run for shelter! lol You should check out my Céline inspired photoshoot featuring their runway Palazzo Pants (thank god I got them 70% off sales), tell me what you think of it even if it only provokes you a bit ;)xx The Provoker

  15. Gorgeous look Andy! Love the way you combine the sporty items with an elegant touch!kisseshave a great Sunday:)

  16. red lipstick looks great on you and with snow ! love your white pieces for snowand these style hats look good on youso yo're so lucky they look awful on me :( <33

  17. Great outfit I love the pants!Oh I know exactly what you are talking about, yesterday I feared that I could never feel my feet again in the rest of my life! :DMelly

  18. Haha yes, I know that feeling too! Even if I was able to wear a coat for my new post… But your photos turned out just wonderful, I really like how your outfit matches the snow, so I guess it was worth it :)

  19. These pictures are so amazing and red lipstick suits you really well! I'm not a fan of white clothing, but I really like this. The combination is great and I love your bag! xx

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