Coat: Stine Riis for H&M  /  Jumper: River Island [men]  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Jeans: H&M Trend  |  Boots: Mukluk
The “Wear more Risky things” doesn’t really apply when the only risk I get by doing so, is getting Pneumonia. I am not sure what to wear for this extremely low temperatures and quite frankly, I am a little skeptical about the whole “I will take my jacket off while I shoot”. I have been there, I have done that and I don’t want to do it again.
I guess comfort won this time, you know, its ok to be comfortable.
El “Deberías de ponerte cosas mas arriesgadas” no aplica cuando a lo unico a lo que me arriesgo es a que me de neumonía. Realmente me he quedado un poco estancada desde que entro el frente frio al norte de Europa y con temperaturas de hasta -14 grados centigrados. La verdad es que ya no se ni que ponerme con este frío, lo que si se, es que eso de: “Me quito la chamarra en lo que tomamos las fotos”, no lo vuelvo a hacer. Ya lo hice mas de una vez y fue la peor idea que he tenido. Hay que cuidar la salud y de paso, no tiene nada de malo andar [email protected] ;)  

153 thoughts on “SIMPLE

  1. Personally I honk you look adorable. Sometimes comfortable and familiar and simple is called for and I think it definitely has its place in fashion.

  2. I guess we're all in the mood for simple outfits and warmer ones. Sometimes, health has to come first. It's funny because I posted today on the blog about simple outfits – this cold weather does not allow me to even think about not wearing a coat outside. Not even for a split second.Maybe you'd like to check it out :) http://www.thecitified.comBig hug * Sara

  3. When you're wearing such a beautiful jacket you definitly have not to take the risk of catching a cold, because this jacket HAS to be on the pictures! I'm absolutely in love with this winter outfit (how gorgeous are these boots?). Can't get enough of your winter outfit posts :) xx

  4. The look and the bag are great. It really inspirates me to see how you suceed being a blogger. I also try to make good posts and interesting videos (YouTube) but nobody wants to read my articles. Do you have any tipps for me, a newbie in blogging? It would be great if everybody of you could help me.LoveGretchenvonDü

  5. I have the Same Problems at these Temperatures. What to wear? With comfortable clothes I Look boring I think. But there's no other Way to stay warm and healthy! I'm glad when spring comes and I can leave the coat and the UGG Boots at home! Have a nice day! ��

  6. even without a risqué take on your daily outfits, you still manage to remain flawlessly put together and stylish, so no worries , you'll never look plain or boring, only effortlessly chic ! Thanks for giving me some inspiration on how to reincorporate black & white stripes in my wardrobe.This trend is not my favourite one, but I'll give it a go.have a warm Sunday !

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