162 thoughts on “OFF WE GO

  1. Yay! Your coat arrived on time! It looks fabulous! Also I LOVE that sweater. I'm all about the braid at the moment xxxwww.couronnedefleurs.net

  2. Hello Andy I am using your advice you gave on your presentation "how to become a succesful blogger" in Amsterdam 2011. So please check out my new blog! You won't regret it haha. And just wanted to say that I really love your blog because your being yourself!Lots of love,Minh

  3. I am totally obsessed with that bag, which I am aware probably comes off as a little stalkerish, but Phillip Lim never manages to put a foot wrong!XXChttp://raincloudforrent.blogspot.com

  4. Hi! I just wrote an article about one of the most wearable trends of 2013 and I mentioned one of your outfits. I hope you enjoy it!♥http://clothesabcs.blogspot.ro/2013/01/tinute-in-tendintele-sezonului_28.html

  5. que ideal que es tu nuevo abrigo!Sin duda en Barcelona te encontrarás un tiempo mucho mejorbesoshttp://elbauldeladyshira.blogspot.com.es

  6. Nice look and yes in Barcelone is better, the temperature is + not _..Enjoy your time there.Stefaniahttp://www.princessetropezienne.blogspot.com

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