January 18, 2013 in Beauty by Andy

I often get asked which mascara I use and the truth is, I have tried everything under the sun. For some reason, almost every single mascara I have ever owned smudges and by mid day, I already have a black patch under my eye, sort of like a panda, but less cute.
This is really quite upsetting, considering mascaras tend to be a bit pricy, specially when you get fooled into buying an expensive brand just because, well, if its expensive, its supposed to be really good right? Wrong!. The most ironic thing of all, is that the expensive brand tends to be quite “shitty”, at least in my experience.
The other day out of coincidence and to be honest, because they didn’t have my usual buy at Sephora, the girl at the shop recommended me “They’re real” from Benefit. So far, I have to say that its the best mascara I have tried and although it does smudge a tiny bit during the day, its nothing compared to the ones I used before, so Im happy! -If you have any advice on mascaras, do share, Im always searching-.