I often get asked which mascara I use and the truth is, I have tried everything under the sun. For some reason, almost every single mascara I have ever owned smudges and by mid day, I already have a black patch under my eye, sort of like a panda, but less cute.
This is really quite upsetting, considering mascaras tend to be a bit pricy, specially when you get fooled into buying an expensive brand just because, well, if its expensive, its supposed to be really good right? Wrong!. The most ironic thing of all, is that the expensive brand tends to be quite “shitty”, at least in my experience.
The other day out of coincidence and to be honest, because they didn’t have my usual buy at Sephora, the girl at the shop recommended me “They’re real” from Benefit. So far, I have to say that its the best mascara I have tried and although it does smudge a tiny bit during the day, its nothing compared to the ones I used before, so Im happy! -If you have any advice on mascaras, do share, Im always searching-.

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  2. Any of the majolica majorca's mascaras. I swim with them and they dont move. They only come off with certain make up removers though, but they are so good I'm even willing to invest in make up removers (lancome bi-facil) to get them off.

  3. I've tried many, like you…. Point blank, over-the-countr Mabelline is the best. Find the kind in the yellow tube with purple lettering. For all other makeup I go designer, but never for mascara! Good luck!- Erika,

  4. Im in my early 30's and asian, from my experienced and working and fashion industry. For years, I've tried all the mascara out there from high end to budget. Far the best I've tried my top #3 is Maybeline water proof mascara(green tube with blue lid on top) $10. 2nd is For the false lash look: Benefit Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume MascaraIts also a trick how you wave a magic wand (applying). Use a tool that helps like curling lashes. The shape of the brush can also make a big difference. We have to have it all right? Length, Defining, Thickening, anything they can get. It may sound crazy, however having good night sleep/well rested helps and tab a olive oil around your eyes and lashes, before going to bed. Do try different brands. Hope it helps. @Erilzen instagram

  5. Looks like you don't use waterproof mascara, but the best, black as hell mascara that I use is from rimmel and is simply called "100% waterproof". I've been using it for around eight yours and truly, it's the best and cheapest mascara from a proper beauty brand.

  6. Andy nunca probaste Zan Zusi en Mexico?? Tengo años usandola, y como tu he probado de muchas marcas caras, menos caras, etc..cuando en ocasiones no la consigo y creeme siempre vuelvo a comprarla. en cuanto la encuentro de nuevo. Desde siempre q la uso, me han chuleado mis pestañas al grado q hay gente q cree q son postizas!! Cuando vengas a Mexico buscala si es q no la probaste antes!! Cuesta alrrededor de 5 dlls maximo y es waterproof, no se corre, ni te pone negro alrrededor del ojo, alarga y engruesa las pestañas muchisimo, al menos yo no la cambio por ninguna otra!!!

  7. I definitely hate Mascara that smudges by end of the day. Makes me look like I've bad dark circles! LOL!Well, I've tried these few and think they're great.1. Maybeline Waterproof Mascara2. Buxom (smudge a little but great applicator and does not clump)3. Chanel (just started recently and found them quite good)

  8. No he probado muchas marcas de máscaras, pero al menos las Maybelline nunca me han decepcionado. No son caras… y me cuesta un mundo sacarlas (tampoco me afano mucho por desmaquillarme, pero bueno jajaj) y no se me corren durante el día. No se esas te habrán fallado a ti alguna vez…Eso. Saludos! ;)

  9. I've tried this mascara since everyone loved it, and I didn't like it. I found it hard to put more than one layer on because it clumped easily and gave me spider lashes. If anyone prefers the thicker lashes look I use Buxom Lash mascara from Sephora and I love it!

  10. Fab photos!My eye make up ritual is-eyelash curlers- one coat maybelline "colossal" mascara (separates eyelashes amazingly!)- two coats 'bad girl' by benefit (thickens and lengthens!)I used to use "they're real" but i found the tube dried out quite quickly xx

  11. In Sephora last summer they had their own brand mascara. Its waterproof and it's true that was the only one for me which didn't smudge at all!! I have an oily skin and wearing make-up for the whole day usually a little bit problematic for me but that is perfect! Also! what it important it didn't stick your eyelashes at all! They look so nice!

  12. I heard a lot of great things about this mascara! I really want to try it out now! The only thing that is holding me back is the price.. I must save up some money so I can get that mascara! :) x Laura

  13. I've been using this mascara too since september and i love it! Bought it in NY and will be really sad when it will be empty because it can't be bought in my country.

  14. I have the same problem. Just recently I bought UD Cannonball. On its own I hate it, but I can use any regular (non-waterproof) mascara as the first coat and top it off with UD Cannonball and nothing budges and I feel like I get the effect of the first mascara.

  15. Depending what look do you want for your eyelashes my favourite mascara to date is the Maybeliine New York "The Falsies Volum' Express – Flared – Mascara" DAMn that's a big name haha.

  16. Hey Andy!I've been wanting to try this mascara for such a long time and I think it's time I give it a try!However, I really REALLY like Colossal by Maybelline, it's on the cheaper side but it's definetely a drugstore must have. hugs!

  17. You should definetly try Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara, I can't go out without it, it's really inexpensive but it's really good, compete really strong with expensive ones, doesn't smudge nothing! You should see reviews on it, and you'll notice what i'm talking about.

  18. Hi Andy. I always use Lancome Hypnose Drama (not the waterproof one) and I never have smudges eyes. A great tip from the Pixiwoo sisters: Clinique bottom lash mascara. It should be smudge proof!Good luck :)

  19. Andy, tenés que probar la 'high impact mascara' de CLINIQUE, 01 Black es el color que uso y nunca, NUNCA probé algo igual. Si por algún motivo se me olvida el desmaquillante por las noches, la mascara sigue intacta cuando despierto, como si estuviera recién puesta. Suerte y saludos desde Costa Rica!

  20. They're Real from Benefit is the one use for ages and I love it. It smudges a tiny bit and you can handle it throughout the day. Someone gave me a mascara from Maybelline called False Lashes or something like that (bright pink package with blue text) and Damn! it is the most efficient mascara I've ever tried on. It doesn't smudges, it doesn't fall, it sticks to your lashes and stays all day long. It is so good that you'll have to work a little bit more to take it off. It's amazing!! And it's a real waterproof mascara.

  21. Hi Andy! I have the exact same problem! I've tried almost every mascara under the sun and 99% of them, even the more pricy and/or waterproof ones, smudge on me! :-( My holy grail is Estée Lauders "zero smudge curling mascara". Have you tried that? On me it works wonders and does not smudge at all. <3

  22. Kiss Me mascara from Japan! Definitely must try as Japan is pretty well known in developing eye makeup products. Please try the pink tube instead of the others. Another suggestion will goes to Majolica Majorca.

  23. I have the same problem, so I always use waterproof mascara, which really helps. I've used Diorshow pretty religiously for eight years and it's my favourite, it's so good and it doesn't tend to smudge at all. I also just bought Maybelline's Illegal Lashes and that's really good too.

  24. My favorite mascaras are from Maybelline, they work well for me and I don't have problems with smudging. I'm currently using the One by One.Maybe consider trying a waterproof one, it might be harder to remove later but it should keep in place all day! xx

  25. The best mascara (said by many make-up artists) is the classic Cover Girl orange one, and second, Maybelline. Both of them are low price and THE BEST, believe me. xxx

  26. Allright, I also tried a tons of mascara's. – Lancome looks the best when you put it on (architect I think) but it leaves black spots under my eyebrows because I have long lashes…:(- Then DiorShow NEW LOOK, totally fucked up after one day, really dissapointing and expensive. – I read somebody likes Estee Double Wear, I have the eyeliner one and this is really really really hard to remove from your face. It's like nailpolish or something. Even if you clean your eyes with waterproof cleaner (from Lancome) than the next day you still find black spots on your face because the crumbles somehow end up in different places. – Rimmel London Day 2 night. Not very expensive and suprisingly very good. I don't know how it looks if you're having a rainy day though. It has 2 brushes, one subtile (great for below the eye) and the other is one is really full. Love it. – Max Factor Masterpiece MAX. Love this one, because it is not to thick so no crumbles and it really doesn't smudge. I was surprised, because I normally buy the expensive ones.

  27. Andy truth is i haven't tried benefit mascaras yet but you should try helena rubinstein's.I tried two mascaras of the brand and they both turned out great!plus they have beautiful package :)

  28. There's one bobbi brown mascara that doesn't require eye-makeup remover, but just washes off with warm water. No smudging and it's withstands tears too (not that that happens very often, but you can't plan when you're going to cry ;) ). I hate waterproof mascara, but normal mascara smudges too easily. That's why I love this one. I think it's called intensifying long-wear mascara. xx

  29. I have the same problem… and I agree price isn't always the best indicator of quality. I really like Benefit products, but I've never tried their mascara, maybe I shouldwww.tripsandtreasures.netnew outfit post

  30. For my "evryday look" I do not wear any make up at all, but if I go out I have two choises: the first, for long lashes but with simple and less bold look I use "Inimitable Intense" by Chanel and it doesn't come down (I assure you because sometimes I don't want to remove my mascara at night, and the next morning is still there, without any patches), the second one is "Get Big Lashes" by Essence and I use it when I want the dramatic and intense look, with a lot of volume volume (also this one I think it's good, even if I normally apply it in the evening and remove during night when I come back from the disco ;) ).By the way my suggestion is "buy the Chanel's one" because when I put on some make up, I almost always forget to have it, so I touch my eyes and then I think "oh no my make up", but when I check in the mirror and my mascara is still there without problems :)I hope you will find the perfect mascara for you Andy! :DVittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  31. Hi Andy,I have been using DIOR Extase and Dior Iconic Extreme for a few years now and it doesn't smudge. My mascara stays on a whole day and the lash effect is amazing. Try it!I used to use Benefit as well but Dior is better.Regards,

  32. I've been using Lancome Hypnose for a long while now, and to me it is definitely the best I have tried so far!!! It doesnt smudge, it lasts long and looks great ;)P.S. The waterproof version however isnt as good!!!

  33. Hi Andy, thanks for the post, I always struggle to find the right mascara. I love Helena Rubinstein Feline Waterproof, but like any other waterproof mascara it's really hard to get off. Last time I decided to try MAC's Haute & Naughty Too Black Mascara. And I did NOT like it at all. It smudges very easily and it really irritates your eyes.

  34. If you ever go to the Netherlands, check out the store HEMA. I love their waterproof mascaras. They do what they say, and are actually waterproof. By this I mean that I was smudge-free after a day of sunscreen, sunbathing and swimming in a pool.I believe the store recently opened some stores in other countries as well, maybe Belgium and Germany, but I do not know for sure.

  35. I like small brushes and I used to use one by Maybelline (Lash Discovery One By One – Waterproofed), but you can't buy it in either Germany or Denmark anymore :-(

  36. I'll definitively try to find this on out! What works OK for me is Maybelline cat eye mascara. The most horrible one was a very pricey Givenchy

  37. Waterproof mascaras smudge? Mine never do and I've also tried a number of different brands. I really liked Max Factor's False Lash Effect, you really could go swimming with that one.:)P.S.: The first photo is phenomenal!!

  38. Hola Andy, I can recommend Kanebo/ Sensai Mascara 38°- it does not smudge at all and you can remove it with only warm water (of 38° ;) …)But that needs a bit getting used to because you do not remove something liquid you remove little crumbs … Muchos saludos, Dorit

  39. Mascarais my most important beauty product. I've bought many of them and so far the best is million lashes by l'oreal. The most expensive ones turned out to be the worst;(

  40. I've also tried many many mascaras, from so many brands. So far, the best I've used (and I use it since 2011) is Max Factor's 2000 Calorie. For me, that's perfection!

  41. I also used a loooot of mascaras,but I'm always returning to Maybelline The colossal Volume Express,and it's absolutely amazing!I recently started curling my eyelashes before I put mascara on,and it makes wonders!Don't know how you sumdge at all:-)xxB.

  42. I use the Max Facter False Lash Effect Fusion! What an amazing mascara! I absolutely love it, bought it for the second time. My lashes get so long and curled (tbh I have curled lashes myself and quite long already so..). If you haven't tried that one already I absolutely recommend it to you! :)

  43. You're totally right Andy, in the mascara subject the fact that they're expensive doesn't really mean it is a good one, I like very much:* I love Extreme by Essence* Colossal by Maybelline* Diorshow by Dioryou should give them a try if you haven't :)HTTP://THEREDCOATODYSSEY.BLOGSPOT.COM

  44. I really really want to try this one. I have quite long full lashes naturally, and I've heard it's meant to be good for those? You look beautiful as usual!Katie xx

  45. I lately use DiorDiorshow ICONIC waterproof – it's really the best one i've ever had. I've had the same problems with smudges during the day, and have also tried about everything available :) ICONIC is a longlasting mascara, but after 2 months of use or so the smudges return, so i'll buy a new one :)

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  47. I use this one myself and it's the best.♥ Luckily I don't really see it smudges during the day.

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