I dont usually go for very feminine dresses, in fact, I am always leaning towards more masculine styles and I could probably live in a pair of pants, a t-shirt a leather jacket and a pair of high heels. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy dressing up every now and then, specially when I have landscapes like this one to play around.
This is probably the last place I would have worn this dress to, but since it made such a beautiful contrast of nature + Fashion, that kind of made it the perfect place, although I felt a bit out of place for 3 seconds flat, then I couldn’t care less about the man on a horse staring at me from the distance with a confused look on his face. -Which in fact was pretty amusing-.
Normalmente no me gusta andar con vestidos tan femeninos, de hecho si por mi fuera, me la viviría en  pantalones, playera, chamarra de cuero y tacones. Eso no quiere decir que de vez en cuando no me guste andar de vestidos, especialmente cuando tengo estos paisajes para jugar.
Probablemente este es el ultimo lugar en el universo en el que me pondría este vestido, pero como en las leyes no dice; “No andar con vestidos en el campo”, se me hizo que el contraste era perfecto, a pesar de sentirme completamente fuera de lugar por un periodo exacto de 3 segundos, gracias al señor en caballo que se me quedaba viendo confundido, después me valió, como diríamos en Mexico.

186 thoughts on “GOLDEN FIELDS

  1. Un vestido ideal!!! Y no te queda nada mal deberías ponerte más a menudo!!!Que te parece si nos seguimos?UN besito guapisima!!

  2. I guess that makes you a great model cos you couldn't care less what's around you. You look absolutely stunning in this dress =) I love the landscape too!

  3. I had a dress like this! Until I attempted to wash it and the black leaked out and stained it :( but this really is a lovely dress, I love the back especially x

  4. unas fotos espectaculares! valio la pena que te pusieras el vestido aunque estuviera fuera de lugar porque estas guapisima y el vestido es genial!Muua preciosa :)

  5. If you are this pretty, how does your siblings look – so curious! pls share:)get this giveaway before others will!!!ASOS Red Valentine's Dress Giveaway

  6. you look stunning! The dress suits you really well, although it´s unusual to see you dressed like this. The landscape just makes the whole natural look perfect!xxx

  7. jajajaja Andyy!!!!! eres lo máximo reí muchísimo con lo del Sr en el caballo!! me ha pasado también!! sobre todo aquí en México jajaja la gente se te queda viendo rarisimo cuando te ven tomandote fotos!Amo tu blog! y todos tus estilos no importa donde estés!un besoAle

  8. That is without a doubt one of the prettiest dresses we have seen in a while! The silhouette is absolutely perfect and then the details within the dress take it to another level. Amazing!

  9. Very interesting cut! I really like the dress and I'm pretty sure that Mr. on his horse was simply banned by your appearance ;)LoveAylin

  10. Como que no me convence mucho ese copete, hace que se te vean los ojos más chiquitosQue bueno que trataste otro estilo pero… no todo nos queda a todos, ojalá te crezca pronto

  11. Oh my god, this dress is absolutely gorgeous! It looks so great on you and I love the contrast of fashion and nature! xx

  12. I do love your more masculine leaning aesthetic, but you rock dresses really well too! Love these pictures, beautiful setting as always :) B

  13. Beautiful dress, you should actually wear dresses like this more often. Because of the neutral colors it still really suits your stylewww.tripsandtreasures.netnew outfit post

  14. Love the details of your dress Andy! I wanna go to Mexico someday and visit the mayan temples. Ancient aliens fanatic here! Hahahaha. Great pictures btw. xx,

  15. again beautiful dres!! you have such a great sense for these kind of stuff! you always look so nice and cool, like all of your outfits dear ♥xo

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