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I bumped into these photos a couple of days ago and quite frankly, I fell madly in love with this apartment…I always wanted to have an apartment all painted in white with few black frames and very discreet touches of color here and there. My apartment at home is quite different right now. I have this awesome wall paper which I don’t regret putting up, but as soon as I move out -which might happen soon- and I have to start from scratch, I will definitely have this apartment as am inspiration. Of course the details would be different, more me, but the basics are there and they are damn perfect!
I can already picture myself in a flat like this, full of scented candles, having tea by the couch wrapped inside a blanket and flipping through a magazine on a rainy day *sigh*

111 thoughts on “THE SPACE

  1. This is such a great looking apartment. Like you, I love the white walls and the black and white pictures hung on them. I also like the use of personal space. It's full of personality!

  2. I totally love Scandinavian furniture and style!(obviously as I am half Danish :P)Regards from Switzerland,

  3. I am in love with this apartment, too! The books displayed full cover are works of art and the whimsical effects are spectacular!!! All white is my fave look when it comes to interiors!!!!Love,-Lauren at adorn la femme

  4. Very cool and stylish, I like it too, soon I will decorate my own flat and I will share inspiration

  5. OMG! I think i fell in love with this apartament! It's co stylish and it seems so spacious. I love the white walls with black and white photos♥

  6. Hi Andy! Love the space! Also love the small previews of the apartment that you live in now. Me & my bf are on the outlook for a new apartment and I would love to know if your space will be available for new renters if you move. :-) Best wishes, [email protected]

  7. Me encantan los espacios casi totalmente blancos, lo hacen todo más luminoso, cálido, y tranquilo a mi forma de ver.Hay un montón de detalles geniales en esa casa :)xxx- Laura

  8. I love this black and white themed apt toothough I could never have this kind of style in my apt since I love colorful pictures and niknaks too much:)

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