Oops, too many beach posts lately, sorry guys but I haven’t left the beach at all in the past week and that was exactly the purpose of the trip, extreme relaxation so I could recharge energies before going back to Europe…This bikini is one of my favorites, although I have to confess I was a bit skeptical about the high waist bottom at first, but now I love it!

120 thoughts on “RETRO

  1. Wow! These are definitely one of my favorites photos of you Andy.I think, this is the first time you blogged wearing a bikini the entire time and I love the shots.You can be a Sports Illustrated cover girl or a Victoria Secret model! ^◡^Fantastic!Fashionmoto

  2. LOVE this bikini, and the watermelon print is super cute!! You look awesome in it.Please have a look at the jewelry giveaway on my blog:loubousandlattes.blogspot.comAmandaxoxo

  3. My first thought was, "here goes yet another beach/pool post". I mean hey kudos to you because you cannot really be at a hot country and NOT be at the seaside so enjoy it Andy. I mean it make me and possible most of your readers green eye with envy but then again c'est la vie! Gorgeous bikini on a gorgeous girl. xoxoIvy

  4. this bikini is perfect! it's far more sexy than the ones showing too much skin – much more aesthetic. enjoy the beach! :-))

  5. Te sigo dia a dia desde hace mucho tiempo! Y me encanta tu blog!Te invito a conocer el mio y que me digas k te parece. Un besito guapa ;P

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