If somebody would have told me few months ago that there would be ads with my face on it on billboards, bus stops, subway stations and buses around Europe, I probably wouldn’t have believe them. 
The past few weeks have been somehow surreal since the campaign I shot for the new Canon EOS M started hitting the streets. A lot of you have been sending me photographs of the ads around your neighborhoods/cities and I am so incredibly grateful for it, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen them myself. I have been in Mexico for over a month now and is almost time to go back to Europe, so I am crossing my fingers that I am still able to bump into one of these billboards myself.
Thank you so much for sending me all of these photos and if you happen to bump into any of my ads, It would mean the world to me if you could send the image my way :)


  1. Wow!!! Que increíble!!! Muchísimas felicidades!!! Que padre que tu trabajo te haya dado esta oportunidad, te juro te admiro muchísimo! Y siempre te ves súper linda.

  2. omg I couldn't be happier for you ! Congrats from the bottom of my heart and I wish you an extraordinary 2013! Keep us inspired !lots of love from

  3. This is great, thumbs up for you, Andy!!! Love your blog, love you and your style, sending kisses from Macedonia

  4. Congratulations on your collaboration with Canon. I'm sure alot of us wouldn't even dare to have such a dream that it will come true. I'm really proud of you for the achievement =)

  5. Thank you for putting my pic here (the last one)! This was a great opportunity for you and I think that it gives us all great hope and happiness to see a girl like you on ads like that, I mean that it's like we all take part of your dream and living it with you. Thank you for sharing it with us.And happy new year -faltan 3 horas por el año nuevo! ;)

  6. that's incrediblecongrats!!!I just loved the video of that you made on how to shoot the accessories in w different unique way

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