And speaking of cliches, how could I miss a visit to the Universal Studios in LA? … My favorite part? Probably the tour to around the studios where they film movies and TV shows, not to mention that being able to see the actual car from “Back To the Future” was absolutely epic for me -considering the fact that I have seen that movie a trillion times-. 
Oh and lets not forget about -finally- meeting Shrek, who is even more handsome in person, eating a burger and fries at a cosy all American diner, sticking my head into a gigantic sharks mouth, getting weird stares by Frankenstein, getting to see the actual Bates Motel where they filmed Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho and last but definitely not least, meeting some of my readers walking around the park. Thank you so much for approaching me and making my day even more amazing! :) 

143 thoughts on “UNIVERSAL STUDIOS

  1. Hey Andy! Congrats for the blog! Universal Studios is really amazing, right? I really enjoy going there :)Where is your ankle bootie from ? I'm in love with it! and I really want one. thanks for you time xoxo

  2. so jealous! :D I'm sorry for the annoying correction, but it is such a common misunderstanding that Frankenstein's monster itself is Frankenstein. It'a not – Frankenstein is the doctor who made the monster which is simply called "the monster" or "the creature" since Frankenstein never gave it a name :)

  3. What a cool post! It looks like you had some really great experiences over there!And I most say that I really love your style Andy, it's so tomboy chic in a very, very stylish way!!!xoxo Julie ♥

  4. These are such amazing pictures! I'd love to go to the Universal Studios some day, they look so amazing. I saw all your pictures of the day on Instagram and I must say I was curious about that post to be uploaded and it is great! :) xx

  5. This outfit is gorgeous! :) I looove these trousers <3 The photos from universal studios are so cool!xxx from germanywww.the-fashion-fairytale.blogspot.de

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