121 thoughts on “MIRROR, MIRROR

  1. Sporty chic <3!!!quiero unos pantalones así!, tu siempre haces que quiera ir corriendo por nuevas prendas Andy, tu ropa es bellisima y mas como le sacas provecho :)!Y en otras cosas siempre me ha dado curiosidad como e sun día a día con Andy, como tu fiel lectora estaría padre que hicieras un post que lo reflejara (es una sugerencia jajaja no se si alguien mas te lo ha sugerido) creo que estaría padre :)! BESOS DESDE MÉXICO!http://thefantastico.blogspot.mx/

  2. muy surfer de tu parte jajaja lo mejor es el precio, a veces así somos no? de que, cuesta solo 8dlls!!!!!? lo compro! jajajame encantan los pantalones

  3. I really like this look in particular! :) Total black, the pants I fell in love with but never got to put my hand on them and the whole composition of the photos makes it really cool!

  4. beautiful!Andy- U R my inspiration!I saw your picture on commercial of Canon in Polish newspaper!Fit____________________________www.fashionbyfit.blogspot.com

  5. Andy, you have the best jacket collection out there! Given that my mum loves outwear, I've decided to show your blog to her, and you know what, she's addicted to it now! If you could recommend 3 brands for the best jackets or coats, what would they be?

  6. super cute sunnies! come to think of it… I've bought 90% ofy sunnies at London's camden lock market…sunnies are simply a perfect souvenier. ;)xo AndreaWonderful and Marvelous

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