fashion blogger Andy Torres from StyleScrapbook
Fashion blogger Andy Torres from StyleScrapbook
Pants: H&M Trend  |  Coat: Bought in Colombia  |  Jumper: COS  |  Bag: ZARA
These pants have been hiding in my closet for way too long. You see the thing is, they are a little bit “too much”, I even wondered if I did the right thing by buying them a few months ago. 
They were always there waiting to be worn, but I was always craving for something less shiny -pink- (indiscreet?)
I thought it was a bit of a waste to have them hanging, unworn, with tags on and all. If I don’t wear them now, when?, so I felt a little adventurous and paired them with a very boring grey jumper, which has turned out to be a life saver… Boring garments rock, they can be mixed and matched with everything -even crazy shiny pink trousers-, so I say lets all go for it! 

172 thoughts on “LIFESAVERS

  1. Those boots! Who makes them? My heart is a flutter just looking at them! Stop by my blog if you can for my latest- including but not limited to: thrift-store finds, cat print dresses, fresh baked pies, floral crowns, and even a give-away this week!

  2. You are so right Andy, everyone needs some "livesavers" in their closet to make the more adventurous pieces work!

  3. The trousers are gorgeous! Why haven't you worn them before? They should't be left hanging on the closet. Yes, they're a bit out there, but you styled them so well with basic pieces.x Trend Anatomy

  4. i actually think that they look amazing and yes in combination with this grey color you tone it down a bit. great

  5. Don't be silly, Andy! They are not "too much" at all. They're gorgeous! Love how they remind me of the 70s-80s rock star fashion. Velvet goodness! I mean they might not be velvet but they do look it! They shimmer beautifully and pairing them with black is definitely the best choice if you want to tone them down…Nora NoraFinds

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