Stylescrapbook 5 year anniversary.
PHEW, I don’t think I can express how incredibly emotional, happy and grateful I feel to be able to say that today 5 years ago, StyleScrapbook was born… Not even in my wildest dreams, would I have ever imagined how much my life was going to change the moment I sat there and wrote my first post. I don’t think anybody around me imagined the impact this would have in my life a few years later and if somebody would have told me, I would have thought they were crazy.
All the people that have crossed my path because of this, all the incredible opportunities and yes, I am going to get all cheesy here, but above all, the numerous amount of dreams that came true in the past 5 years. 
It makes me incredibly emotional to even think about it and how can it not, this blog changed my life, and its all because of you, I know this and I will be FOREVER grateful.

183 thoughts on “HALF A DECADE AGO

  1. Congrats Andy!I've been reading Style Scrapbook since 10'…It's one of the first fashion blogs I've ever read & I can truly say to this day it's my favourite :)thanks for the inspiration & hopefully you'll be inspiring all of us for many more years to come!x.Sagalina

  2. I am such a bad fan that I missed your anniversary! :( I wish you all the best, …great work done so far! Keep up the good work! :)<3www.stilbrueche.blogspot.com

  3. I know there's a bunch of other comments but I hope You'll read mine too :)Your blog was probably the first fashion blog I started following about 3 years ago I think and I looooove your blog! Also, you are very inspiring and you also inspired me to start my own blog. It's not about fashion but it's birthday is also on november, it's a coincidence :) So I wish you and your blog many amazing years in the future!!!♥

  4. I wish I could say the same thing in a couple of years! I have a blog too since last year and I hope it will became half famous as yours Andy: would be great! Congrats for everything :)Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNINGhttp://vittoriafiveinthemorning.blogspot.it/

  5. Congratulations Andy!You are such a great person and that you are so thankful makes you even more sympathetic!You are THE blogger of heart!Keep on writing you do such a great job!<3

  6. Congratulations! I've been following you for the past year and started leaving comments a few months ago. I enjoy reading your blog everyday and I'm proud of what you reached! Incredible. Ciao xxwww.laurettie.blogspot.com

  7. Felicidades Andy! I've been following your blog now for 3 years (coincidentally when I moved to Holland) , and I'm impressed how your work has developed over time so nicely, I enjoy reading your blog more and more every day. Te deseo todo lo mejor, que sigas inspirando mucho más y deleitándonos con tus posts. x Sara

  8. We're SO in love with your blog!! keep on going! it's amazing. you're truly one of the best fashionblogger of ALL time!xxwww.fromarmanitozurich.blogspot.com

  9. Congratulations honey!I hope you keep with your perfect job for a long and long time!You are my favorite girl, because you have a great sense of style and very diversified… please keep posting and teach us how it works!Lv U <3

  10. Congrats on the 5 year mark. I'm excited to have been following for the past 2 years and I can't wait to see where you head in the next 5.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  11. cg Andy, you are amazing person, so so so beautiful, so smart, so inteligent, i really love your blog and i am from czech republic and that's the proof how famous and amazing you are!!! i wish you next 5 years <3 good luck

  12. Congratulations Andy! You deserve this and more :) you're an incredible blogger and for that you're my favorite. I've been following you for 3 years and I'll be on this side for many more. Thank you for sharing your vision of the fashion world with us. much love and the best of luck for the years to come :) xx

  13. Congratulations Andy!You deserve all your success as you always work very hard! You make people like me believe that anything is possible, so THANK YOU for leadign the way!Patry xowww.somethingaboutpatry.com

  14. I'm also gonna bit a little cheese and say congratulations Andy ! :) there is nothing more to say, but how an amazing and hardworking person you are ! you've achieved so much and I wish your blog can run this well for another 5y years and more ! now have a good time and a lot of rest in Mexico ! xxwww.aniacyk.blogspot.com

  15. You almost make me cry, needless to say your deserve it, you have worked a lot and thats the main reason you have seen your dreams become true Andy.Congratulations and keep on the good job.kissescity-aholic.blogspot.com.es

  16. Really, 5 years already? Dear, this blog is the first blog I really started getting into. It's been so wonderful, and I'm just looking forward to the years to come! Congrats, Andy.. Also for how much you have achieved. Now, just keep up the great work! We love you! xx

  17. Congratulations on your blog, Andy! :) 5 years already! That's some time… :P Glad you got to realize some of your dreams and all those experiences that are yet to come! Wish you much luck and love! :)http://talithasivoryflower.blogspot.com.es/

  18. Joyeux Anniversaire to Stylescrapbook, you know you inspire some of us a lot, and my dream is still alive thanks to your success. Thank you for sharing all this with us!Fannytvotvp.blogspot.com

  19. happy bday Andys Style scrapbook!Keep up with the good work, and cant wait to see what future will bring you! =)http://mancinasspot.blogspot.com/

  20. ohmggg <3 that's amazing, congratulations! you're the reason i opened my blog hh. i remember reading only your fashion blog and i don't even know how i found it.. but i will visit it everyday few times to check if you posted something new. and i also browsed trough all of your posts which is crazy haha. but i love reading your blog and i never miss any post <3So, congratulations on everything!mfashionfreak♥blog

  21. Now this is really amazing! Can you believe? 5 years 5 years – It's a Jubilee Andy!!!So happy for you and for what you've realized with this blog! Your inner world became our world because of this blog!!! I remember when I read your blog for the first time!! I discovered fashion through your blog!!!Happy Anniversary!!

  22. Congratulations Andy, you must be so proud of what you have achieved. What I love about you apart from your style & gorgeous long legs, is that you're so down to earth.Happy Monday Hun xoxohttp://www.intotheblonde.com/

  23. Ciao Andy – Happy 5th!Comment on my new post ! ! !It's beginning to look a lot like Christmashttp://milanomode.blogspot.it/2012/11/its-beginning-to-look-lot-like-christmas.html?m=1

  24. congratulation!!! it must be mean alot for you and i agree with you.. how this change you to be better.. i really like to follow you since that day till now..congrats.. :)kutiwww.ishootstyle.com

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