I have been waiting -way too long- to be able to share this with you. Ever since I started blogging, one of my ultimate dreams/goals was to work with a brand that is not only a huge part of StyleScrapbook, but I also truly love. Last July, it finally -FINALLY- happened.
I am extremely proud and excited to share my first campaign collaboration with non other than Canon, yes, CANON! … I have teamed up with them for the launch of their latest camera; The Canon EOS M, which is their first mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera, meaning a small compact body that produces extremely high quality photographs. But that is not all, it also gives you the option of changing lenses, depending on what you want to photograph.
I had the pleasure of working with this camera back in the Summer while filming the video above. Canon asked me to take part in a project where I had to reinterpret traditional still life photography and as you can see in the video, I had to involve one of my favourite fashion accessories.
The project was a big success and I am incredibly happy with how the photos turned out! You can check the video to follow my project and I hope you like it!
For more information regarding the campaign, click HERE.

131 thoughts on “ANDY TORRES FOR CANON EOS M

  1. This is the best video you have ever posted on the blog, it shows you as an artist and I love it, I love the concept and I love how you present yourself. I'm speechless. Felicidades por este logro <3

  2. Great video Andy and congratulations! I love Canon cameras and have been using them for 20 years. This new Canon EOS M looks great! I always love to work with cameras that are not so bulky and heavy but have the same quality of an SLR.

  3. Wow! You're so creative! Love the idea of the jewelry inside the ice cubes and the statement collar mixed with the die diving in the water! The final images are really amazing!! :) CONGRATULATIONS ANDY!!♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  4. OMG, you know what? I'm from Poland and I saw an advertisment in ELLE Poland of that canon camera and then I saw you on the commercial's picture and I screamed 'Andy?! No way, what is she doing in elle POLAND.?!' You know, it's just another country, i didn't expect you to go so far with your projects :) Congrats!

  5. Andy me fascina tu visión estética, me encantó el video pues nos permite conocerte mejor a través de la fotografía, eres una persona muy sensible y creativa,

  6. Hey Andy, I wrote a review about canon eos m before and my opinion was ''it's just the begining for canon.This brand also my fav brand, my expectations r so high..''anyway, andy I wanna see more sample images from canon eos m. I hope you can provide this. love and thanks for your hard working to introduce canon eos m. Good luck with this project!

  7. ANDY….this video is AMAZING. i wanna see this experiments with water!!!I think it's your best video. Well done

  8. i agree with rouquine. you and consequently your blog have changed a lot. and about your video, the picture and its quality impresses very much. but there is no idea, no sense. it is not interesting as it could be.

  9. wow Andy, congratulations! Such a fantastic collaboration and I really love the video. Great idea about the jewellery in the ice. Love it!

  10. Very happy for you, congrats on the collaboration!I really liked the result of the pictures, especially the one with the dye!xxx- Laura

  11. Congrats Andy! Such a cool opportunity and I can't wait to see what's next with your Canon collab!xoxo

  12. Hey Andy my name is Anairy Peña,i'm from Venezuela but i live in Spain(and im writing this in english cuz i think most of your readers doesnt know spanish),i wanted to give my opinion about your blog,even tho i admire you a lot there's things i started to the fact you are losing the essence of your blog cuz i think now you are more going for the side of being famous…why?in the beginning what made your blog succesfull and different was the fact the you show us the fashion can be affordable and if not,then you can make your own clothes.and i think thats why you get more and more readers.but now is the opposite,is like you have changed a lot,maybe is good growing up professionaly,but now the clothes you wear is not affordable anymore,at least not for everyone.i mean not everyone can afford LV bags,or proenza ,alexander wang,asos,and so on.. in my case i cant spend more than €100 a month,and i dont think most of us(your readers) can have like you almost everyday something new…like an iphone5.. i do get well,is your money and you can do whatever you want but i think your ambition is being famous and being rich and the everyone knows who andy torres is…i think 3 years ago you still keept that beautiful essence in your blog,but when became more and more famous you changed more,like why you don't hang out anymore with sabrina? and you are crazy about chiara..oh wait and also about the dauther of luis miguel (famous singer from mexico),like "i'll be friends with her,cuz of course she has contacts",like you said contacts are better than a CV.Also i want to say about your tv show..i finally could see youtube.only there's 2 episodes..but is enough to see bad quality,starting for how you talk.making the sentences long,i think in your country is called "fresa",and also don't know if you are like that really or they told you to act like the boss in "the devil wears prada",i felt bad for your assistent..and also what made me felt sad,was that i remember you put a twit like "2 months 2 suitcases",and i felt like wow is good cuz she would show that whit the lack of clothes you can do something different everyday..and i see the first episode and you took "6 suitcases!!!!!!) …and is not longer Andy torres blogging for style… now is Tvhost??? just remind you that thanks to your readers you could get that position..i just hope you don't change in a while..cuz after living in holland for 6 years i supposed you'll have the nationality..and you "forget" you are mexican..i do applause the fact everything is going good in your life and you have work..only i think is a shame your blog isnt the same like before..

  13. What a good camera! I really love your photos with the dye and the necklace, so creative :) It's great that you got to work with Canon!

  14. Very creative! Awesome pics! Must be a great camera as well!Bianca

  15. Well done Andy ! This is a really nice video, and it's great news that you're working with Canon ! – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  16. Andy this is so cool!!! the jewelry in the ice cube is genius and the dye and the necklace picture came out amazingly, the effect kind of looks like your logo!Anyways the camera looks great and i've been wanting to swap to Canon for a long time, this might just be the right moment to do so ;)

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