November 2, 2012 in Food by Andy

Its time to bore you with one of my favorite subjects -although I don’t talk about it very often-, but I love cooking…The ones who follow me on instargam, facebook, twitter and so on, know that I like to exercise often and as a part of that, I try -I said try- to have a healthy and balance way of eating. I don’t say diet because I personally don’t believe in diets. They limit you and I don’t like being limited, so instead of that, I have created a healthy eating lifestyle, where I eat what I love with moderation and tend to keep it very healthy.
Although the salad above looks like bird food, I can assure you it doesn’t taste like it (not that I’ve ever eaten bird food) and its actually pretty damn delicious!.  So, if I convinced you to try my delicious and most importantly homemade Quinoa & black bean salad,
here is what you need:

Feta cheese
Black beans (I used them from a can)
Chopped coriander leaves
Chopped mint leaves
Olive oil
Lime juice

And this is how you make it:

*You have to cook the quinoa first. (I wont lecture you on how to do that because the box normally gives you instructions on how too cook it 😉

*Once you have cooked the quinoa, let it cool down for a while and pour it into a bowl.

*Open the can of beans and make sure you rinse them with cold water inside a colander. (I prefer to rinse the beans because I don’t want the bean juice all over my salad)

*Once you have both the beans and the quinoa mixed in a bowl, its time to start throwing the rest of the ingredients.

*Chop a handful of coriander and mint leaves and throw them in the bowl (I wont tell you a specific amount, because it really depends on what you like, I like to put a lot of it, so I chopped quite a lot).

*Cut the feta cheese into small squares and add them to the mix.

*Once you have all the ingredients, season the salad with about one table spoon of olive oil, the juice of half a lime, salt and pepper.

I always add roasted corn seeds at the end, just to give it a little bit of a crunch, but if you cant find those, you could add salted peanuts, its up to you.

If you want to add more ingredients, by all means do. The sky is the limit! 😉

Enjoy and happy Friday!!!