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  1. I love the look in the photograph titled “Same but Different”, it consists of a composition of striking bright skirt and a subtle coloured shirt against a leaf textured rusty red back ground. This makes the look of the outfit way more elegant. Lifestyle

  2. I love both of them and they were both saved in my wish list. I don't feel they look the same and if you can afford buying both of them then don't hesitate.The red one look very expensive, if I didn't see it on ASOS I would have thought it is Isabel Marant. The blue one though is very different than the winter colors norms. It is very cheerful to add a light blue to your outfit in a gloomy cloudy day.I am going to order both of them, hope I will be able to put my hands on them before they are sold out.Your fan from the Middle East.

  3. I was just looking at the sweater on the leftbut now that I see the one on the rightmy love is now headed in a different directionthe red sweater is a definite must have item!

  4. Oh, it's for sure not easy to choose! The blue one pops out really well and is very eye catching. But somehow I feel the burgundy matches you better and works better with your wardrobe. Oh if you can, get both! They're both versatile pieces!

  5. The blue one!! I think the blocks are better organized and it mixtures two trends: black&blue + tweed in the center! ;)Don't miss my new post with a special promo for all my readers! ;)♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  6. I think it also depends a little bit on what colors you already have in your closet. I personally would go for the burgundy one (you can never go wrong with that one this season!) But loving them both!WITH LOVE,LINSEY / POSE-BLOG.COM

  7. They remind me of those super comfy and cool ski sweaters you wear under your suit. I'd choose the burgundy one. ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  8. BLUE! the random white block on the red one looks rather strange ^ ^;but the grey panel on the blue has an appealing texture =)http://quirkyaesthetics.blogspot.com/

  9. Beautiful outfits!I would go for the burgundy one with the leather skirt! Think the blue one is may be a little too masculine for me!Xhttp://dipitblack.com

  10. Hmmm is both is not an option then I'd have to go with the blue one, it's more YOU and more… chic! Btw, since burgundy has become the new it color of the season, I decided to do a FULL ON burgundy outfit, check it out if you want to see just how far I'd take a trend color!xx The Provokerhttp://www.the-provoker.com/2012/10/the-new-red.htmlFISHEYE CAMERA GIVEAWAY COMPETITIONFISHEYE CAMERA GIVEAWAY COMPETITIONFISHEYE CAMERA GIVEAWAY COMPETITION

  11. The red one is clearly inspired from Alexander Wang. And I'm getting it now, thank you Andy !xxwww.coralieslooks.com – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  12. Haha wow difficult…blue I would say.Biancahttp://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/http://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/http://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/

  13. Cuando tengo incertidumbre a mi me sirve considerar que es lo que no tengo y como gracias a Dios tenemos de todo y en todos los colores, lo segundo que me sirve para decidir es el primer impacto, miro una prenda, miro la otra y si me da esa "cosilla" en el corazón entonces sigo mi instinto! PR ejemplo, he sentido mucho feeling por el azul! Espero que te sirva, saludosP.d: encontraste finalmente tu maleta? Al final a a ser cierto eso de que lo barato sale caro, las compañías low cost son terribles, y hablo por experiencia!

  14. Burgundy, without a doubt. Though I feel like you have quite a few similar pieces/ same color scheme, the mix of materials and colors isn't to be messed with! SIDEWALKCATWALKS.com

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