Fashion blogger Andy Torres from StyleScrapbook in Ibiza wearing a denim shirt
Photos by Aimee and CupOfCouple
Whenever you travel, you expect your suitcase to land on the same flight you were on, right?.  Airlines have the responsibility to keep your bag as safe as possible and obviously, to place it on the same flight you are on.  
I went to Ibiza on Monday for a trip organized by MANGO where fellow bloggers Aimee, Chiara, Gala, Jules and I got to spend some time together. I landed in Ibiza at around 1:00 pm but when I went to collect my luggage, my bag wasn’t there. Mistakes happen and I am aware of that. I know that sometimes, the connecting flights are so short, that it doesn’t give airlines the time to change a bag from flight to flight, but they normally try to send it on the next possible flight, so the traveller spends as little time without the missing bag -and all his/her belongings inside-.
I assumed that my bag would be on the next flight, and that I was going to be able to pick it up later that day. I guess I never really realized how incredibly inconvenient it is to be traveling without my belongings…I waited all day, called the airline -Vueling- about 10 times and they kept telling me -and I quote- that they had NO IDEA where my bag was. Wait! NO IDEA?, how can they have no idea? Surely they have a computer system where they can enter my bag’s code, the one they gave me when I checked in, that way they could locate it right? WRONG! They said they didn’t have a single clue where my bag was.
It was getting late and I was more worried about my every day necessities, like tooth paste and tooth brush, my underwear, face moisturizer, my hair brush and makeup, damn! My makeup was also inside the bag and we were going to get filmed and photographed during the whole trip/event-. Was I going to be the only girl there without a drop of makeup on? Right…I managed to go get some toothpaste/brush, underwear, deodorant, shampoo and few other hygiene goodies to survive the night, since the airline kept telling me it wouldn’t arrive on that day, but maybe the next day. Maybe? yeah, they didn’t have a single clue where my bag was, so maybe tomorrow, maybe not.
On Tuesday -second day- pretty much the same thing happened. We kept calling vueling, they kept saying they didn’t know where my bag was, but not only that, whenever we demanded to know more information, they hanged up the phone, yes, thats how they roll, no costumer service at all. 
We finally managed to get some information out of them, which was that my bag “might” be landing on the 2:00 pm flight. At this point, I was starting to get really anxious. I didn’t have any of my clothes with me, I couldn’t do my makeup or hair and the worst part was, the airline was so incredibly rude and frustrating to talk to, because they weren’t willing to help, they couldn’t care less if I got my bag or not.
Hopeful that my bag would arrive on the 2:00 pm flight, off I went on a 20 minute drive to the airport to collect my bag. Once I arrived, I literally ran to the “lost baggage” desk, just to find out that they didn’t send my bag and when I asked; But where is my bag?, they said: We don’t know, but it might arrive on the next flight. I felt relieved to hear that so I asked them; When is the next flight?, to what she replied: Its tomorrow at 8:30am. TOMORROW?! I leave tomorrow!!!
Tomorrow came -my last day in Ibiza-, but after over 30 phone calls, -in which few times they hanged up on me saying they’ were busy doing other things-, they kept saying they couldn’t tell me where my bag was. My flight back home was at 4:00 pm so I was hoping that when I arrived to the airport at 2:00 pm, my bag was already going to be there waiting for me but it wasnt… Somebody, I don’t know who, had “forgotten” to put my bag on the next flight to Ibiza for the 8th time, but this time, the  man at the Iberia counter felt pity for me as tears of frustration came rolling down my eyes and told me he “thought” my bag have been stranded in Barcelona all along, but that he was going to “try” to get them to send my bag back home.
I felt really defeated and frustrated as I was walking down to the check in area, holding my hand luggage and my purse…As I was checking in, the lady at the counter asked me: Do you want to check in any bags ?, HELL NO! I thought, but instead I said: I wish I had luggage to check in, but your airline lost my bag, feeling like the tears were about to come out again -Lock it down Andy!- and off I went…
After a connecting flight in Barcelona, I arrived home few hours later, without my bag and with one thought; I will NEVER flight with Vueling again, yes, I said NEVER.
To the Vueling costumer service: You should be ashamed of the service you provide your costumers. How dare you to hang up on them for asking you where their luggage is, luggage that YOU LOST!. How on earth, at this day and age, can you say that you don’t know where a bag is?. Do you expect me to believe you cant track luggage?. Do you not have this little box we call a computer with a system that can find lost bags? … I am not the only person you have done this to. After what you did to me, I have done my research and found that you do this to a lot of people, no only loose their bags but provide NO COSTUMER SERVICE AT ALL, NO HELP AT ALL and on top of everything, you are RUDE AND ARROGANT TO THEM. Shame on you Vueling, you are the worst company I have ever dealt with, shame on you


To the girls and to the MANGO team: Thank you SO MUCH for letting me borrow few of the things I needed during those 3 days, I really, really appreciate it!

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  1. I have flown all over the world on different airlines. Vueling is the worst airline on the surface of the earth. They flew passengers from Florence ( many children on the flight too), and not one single person’s luggage arrived on the flight! What beggars understanding is that they obviously knew when they checked everyone on board that no single suitcase was in the hold!! Why wait until landing at Heathrow, putting up carousel 4 as the luggage belt, when nothing was to be loaded in it. Ok, so we all go to the delayed baggage counter and fill forms. We were told we would be called later in the day with a reference number. No one called. Following morning, I called Vueling airline and eventually got the reference and was told to expect the arrival of the days flight. No one called, so I called again, got confirmed that my suitcase had been located, but in the middle of the conversation, the silly ‘girl’ on the line hung up on me. Was I seething!!! Phew! Never again.
    I only used this incompetent irresponsible airline ( I wish I had known when booking) because it lands at Heathrow which is convenient for me. I had done the same trip last year with BA from Gatwick and no hassles. It’s just the Gatwick distance and they land at my destination at about midnight that made me try this airline with nasty, rude staff!!!

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  3. So sorry for your, aehm, "experience"… :( Fortunately this never happened to me but must be such a caos! Especially because something like this doesn't happen to you when you're travelling to your granparents (who cares how you're dressed, they love you anyway!) but when you do a work trip, and for the fashion blogger's world trip means fashion-makeup-hair…So sorry again :( Vueling lost a good customer on his flight! :(

  4. Love your blog!And thank you, I will never choose Vueling. I hate when that happens…I am happy to hear your got your luggage.Wishes from Milan!

  5. i just read this, and is it really possible that you never ever get your luggage back???? not even a chance that someday it will get back ot you???

  6. I am shocked to read this! What a nightmare! This will definetly change my opinion about them and prevent me from flying vueling!-xoxo- lorena

  7. I promise to never use Vueling airlines! I can't imagine what i would do in that kind of situation. But for sure I would do all I could to get my bag back and get compensation for all problem.Good luck with them.margo

  8. Wow what a story… I am speechless. I hope you did not let the bag incident ruin to much of your stay. But if they do this to a lot of people in my ears it almost sounds like they are stealing the luggage. I mean come on, just like how you said we have all these codes and tags that go on the bags, you check it in and so on and they loose it and don't want to speak to the people that lost their luggage. That's just weird.. Thanks for doing research Andy and thanks for putting the story out here. I hope that will teach them! And I love your denim outfit!!xoxoxoxAll<

  9. Que penita Andy, lo fui siguiendo por twitter y me sentía fatal por lo que estabas viviendo. A una amiga mía le pasó en un viaje que hicimos con 14 años (a una escuela para aprender inglés) y con el nerviosismo de no tener NADA (ni cargador de mobil) acabó llorando. Su maleta apareció 2 semanas después (estuvimos en ese sitio por un mes)y porque su padre había estado yendo al aeropuerto de Barcelona cada día para presionar y que hicieran algo. En ese viaje a Inglaterra (cerca de Londres, pero no sé que aeropuerto era) vimos en el aeropuerto una zona con 300 maletas mínimo sin propietario, lo peor de todo es que llego a coger una maleta de ahí y nadie se hubiera enterado. Al año siguiente cuando volví, en la misma zona del aeropuerto habían puesto paredes de madera blanca para tapar lo de dentro (supongo que también habrían muchísimas maletas dentro). Muy fuerte.Espero que aparezca tu maleta, incluso si te amargaron el viaje.Un beso guapa!

  10. Good for you. I mean writing the whole story and mentioning the airline name. I do this myself whenever I go through bad experience with a service provider. First, it releases the bad feelings and second it expose them to other people so that they don't fall in the same trap.A fashion blogger without her luggage! That must have ruined your trip. The least they could have done is to try their best and to compensate you as a small gesture for the inconvenience they caused but as you said it is the POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE which don't recognize how much harm they create to their business by such ignorance.Hope you got your belongings by now, keep us updated.

  11. omg what a story…if this happened to me i would have react in adifferent way…It's a real shame what they call customer service..but great photos anyway :)<3

  12. omg what a story…if this happened to me i would have react in adifferent way…It's a real shame what they call customer service..but great photos anyway :)<3

  13. omg what a story…if this happened to me i would have react in adifferent way…It's a real shame what they call customer service..but great photos anyway :)<3

  14. omg what a story…if this happened to me i would have react in adifferent way…It's a real shame what they call customer service..but great photos anyway :)<3

  15. This is so horrible that this happened to you and that they were so rude. I also have terrible experience with Vueling! I hope things are solved by now and I do hope that you are filing a formal complaint and demand compensation. That's the least you should be getting from them!

  16. So did you finally get your bag back??Same thing happened to me with Air France, never got my bag back again and they refused to pay me any compensation – will never fly with them again.I hope the same thing didn't happen to you!

  17. And you still don't have your bag? Oh my. :( That's incredibly horrible, I mean of course there are some clothes but in fact everyone always carries some personal things or things one really needs and it's horrible when these things get lost.. :(

  18. Yes same happened to me, with me it was Iberia as well, when changing flight in Madrid to Lissbon! I was on a surf holiday for two weeks with only my hand luggage and bought some necessities, but what an awful experience it is! When I was going home again I changed flights in madrid again and went up to the customer service counter (after thousands of calls, where they also couldnt find my back anywhere) and again the man said: No sorry miss we have NO IDEA where your bag is! So I went to the bookshop to buy some magazines for the flight home, all devastated, until my phone rang! Suddenly, after my begging at that counter and again a thorough explanation of my bags content they found my bag, it was just laying at the airport for those two weeks! OMG! After I got home, it took them another week to send my backpack to my home address, and lucky I had my stuff again. But yea, bikinis and a hammock I couldn't use in Holland anymore. Shitty Iberia! Some of the employees couldn't even speak English while working at the international service desk! Never ever fly with IBERIA again in my life!

  19. How can they not track luggages? Really really disappointing for Vueling! I hope you're fine already Andy! Keep safe and you look amazing still.xx

  20. Hola!espero que estes mas recuperada,segui tu historia por twitter, y de verdad es una lastima pasar esos malos momentos cuando es la compañia que debe de responder.Espero estes mejor,y ánimo!!Saludos desde Chile :)

  21. Omg thats freakin terrible! I would have been an upset mess as well. Theres just no excuse for an airline to lose your luggage like that.I hope you continue to call them and write them, honestly try to to get right to top management, id explain everything agai. May as well throw in how you mentioned your horrible experience with 100,000's of thousands of readers and Im pretty sure its safe to say none of us will ever be taking a flight with Vueling!

  22. Qué desastre Andy! Nunca me perdieron la maleta, pero es una de las cosas que me aterra pensar.. Siempre que estoy esperando mi equipaje, ese momento de estar mirando si está en la cinta o no, me genera muchos nervios.. Y ya no solo por las cosas que llevas dentro, que más allá del importe o de que te las puedas volver a comprar, son cosas que para una son importantes.. sino también porque lo que iba a ser un fin de semana ideal, se estropea por estas cosas..Espero que ya la hayas recuperado!Besos.

  23. Aggh!!! Es horrible que hagan eso, estuve en una situación parecida y me choca que las personas que te causan un problema NO se responsabilicen y te quieran hacer sentir menos… Ojalá pudieras hacer algo más. Por otro lado, me gustó mucho tu outfit, con apenas lo básico lograste verte bien. :D <3

  24. That truly sucks that you had to experience that! I'm not even sure whats worse after reading your story, no customer service or bad customer service. …That is soo frustrating. Glad you made it home okay though. xoMaggie

  25. OMG andy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if I were you I'd be totally lost and probably crying the whole 3-day trip :/ I almost dealt with the same thing but with my own body !!!!!!!I was in metro standing in front of the door ready to get out at my stop , but instead some people rushed at me and kept squeezing themselves in the metro ,and suddenly I am at the back of the metro . It was crazy . I was alone in Cairo and it was my first time to take metro as a transportation way . Luckily here I am commenting on your blog :Dwww.stylista0fashionista.blogspot.comXoNada

  26. That is terrible Andy!I hate loosing my luggage — unfortunately this has happened all too often to me, but I've never been hung up on when I call! I'll defintely never fly with that airline. Thanks for the head's up! Luckily you looked gorgeous anyways :)xoxo

  27. had an awful experience with an airline lately too. We bought a pair of tickets and then we wanted to change the route , using the same airline and buying more expensive tickets. We ended paying $800 cancelation fee for…nothing. The flights are in 1.5 month , is not like they are loosing money on us. And also bad costumer service like – talking with people from india with a bad english. hope you get ur bag

  28. Such a sad experience and I have had the same experience with Vueling while travelling to Barcelona two years agao and I also promised never ever to use that excuse of an airline ever again.I hope you got your bag back soon though!Cheers!

  29. Did you get your luggage back eventually? Feel so appalled at your story – I've flown with Vueling several times before but nothing like this has ever happened to me. They owe you an apology! Update us on what happens, they can't get away with losing your belongings like this without giving you a proper explanation.

  30. My mom has lost her bag several times but always got it back afterwards. Whenever I'm travelling alone she warns me to mark my bag so I can clearly see it's mine. The company losing it is another thing though… If you're well insured they should offer you up to 500 euros for buying the necessary stuff on your holiday (don't know for shorts stays) and if you can't find it back, they should pay for everything in it. Has it arrived at home yet? ♥

  31. It's really good you bring this up on your blog. Everyone can make mistakes, but they should atleast take their responsibility for it, be friendly and try to compensate ! You do look great on these pics, even without using all your personal beauty favoriteswww.tripsandtreasures.netnew outfit post !

  32. That blows, I'm so sorry that that happened to you!! It's awful when companies treat you badly because you really feel hopeless when the people that can help you won't. That's so lovely of the other girls to help you out, good people are good to have around!! I hope you get your bag back!! Let us know what happenes!xoxo,diana

  33. Dude, I can't believe it still happens. I had few similar problems years ago but it wasn't not even a little bit similar to your experience! But after all, it's good to know about that. I never traveled with them and honestly, I have no intention to do it and run the risk to lose my stuff. And the worst, have no support at all from the company. Such a pity, such a shame.

  34. Can't believe this happened to you! It sounds terrifying, to be somewhere without your luggage for days, and to keep telling you that they have no idea where your luggage is. I'm glad that you wrote this post, and named the airlines…You did the right thing. No one should travel with that company. I hope you manage to get your luggage in the end.

  35. Oh, I hate Vueling!They charge far too much for nothing. Not polite at all, and indeed bad customer service!I went to BCN with them and they charged double for shipping the bags than that was mentionned online.Hope you got your luggage back!xoxoGrietje

  36. Oh Andy, thanks for the airline warning and I'm so sorry that happened to you – I think I would have had a full scale panic attack if my bags had not been with me when I arrived in Los Angeles last month… You looked amazing in all of the Mango posts, though, so you have nothing to worry about – I hope you got your bag in the end xxx

  37. I'm sorry abouth the lost bag drama, Andy! I'm sure it must have been very frustrating! I hope at least I would get back to you soon although you're at home now… and I'll take your bad experience into account if I ever have to fly or consider flying with vueling… ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  38. que ofuscación tu historia, me ha dado una rabia tremenda con la agencia, espero no olvidarme nunca más de su nombre, para nunca subirme a uno de sus vuelos, no quiero que mis cosas sean perdidas tambien. Espero que lleguen a casa en estos días, si no es así lo lamento un montón.cariños y animo

  39. I do know how you feel, I flew to Argentina with Aerolineas Argentinas, and they lost my bag… And it's been 2 months now. I never got it back, and I'm still fighting for a restitution!

  40. wow, I can't believe that thing happened to you! I read about some missing bag on your twitter, but I didn't expected that you were withouth luggage the whole trip! I think that's very good you wrote this post and you should definitely take this further.. that kind of airlines shouldn't exist! I also remember your bad trip to NY, when your oxygen didn't came out on the plane.. It's so not fair that that kind of things happen to such lovely people like you!take care AndyI wish you many many wonderful trips with your bag <3

  41. I totally understand your frustration…sometimes you think about people who are doing their work so bad that you get depressed….I guess I will not fly with this airline ever.Still: your photos are so beautiful! Thank you for that pos, Andyt!xx

  42. What a crappy flight company! Can't believe how rude they have been to you, that shouldn't be legally! When you are on a vacation you suppose to have fun, and not worry about where your luggage is, it's the flight companies responsibility, so I think it's so wrong of them to not tell you where your luggage is, and when you can get it. I totally understand why you are so angry at them, they should give you some kind of apologize!!! Hope you still enjoyed ibiza!

  43. First, Lovely pids, secong what a bad airline!! I worked on the Argentinian International Airport and if we treated like that to a customer they fired us!! But well, I hope you get everything back.Kisses<3

  44. I am from Spain. When you fly with Vueling, Iberia or Ryanair, you better carry on hand luggage with you. If you check bags in, better use another company.Hope you had a nice time in Ibiza anyway.

  45. Oh so sad they ruined your vacation, I was wondering why you don't post anything from Ibiza. I will never fly with these airlines! Did they finally found your bag? I love the denim outfit! :)

  46. Es una verdadera vergüenza toda esta historia con tu maleta. Lo peor es el trato!! Espero que finalmente aparezca Andy, y de no ser así trata de tomar medidas legales porque algo así no puede quedar de esa manera. Un beso!!Andrea in Fashion

  47. Andy, creo que hablas español, así que te escribo en español porque así me explico mejor. No sabes lo que te entiendo, a mi me paso exactamente lo mismo hace un ano, cuando me iba de vacaciones unos días a España, Iberia (Vueling forma parte de esta compania), perdieron mi equipaje, y lo peor de todo, es que te dicen que te lo enviaran como muy tarde al día siguiente (mi vuelo había sido el ultimo ese día) y después de esperar tres días, tres días de angustia porque ni te informan de por donde anda tu equipaje, y después de mil llamadas, mi equipaje llegó al aeropuerto, a donde lo tuve que ir a recoger, porque si me lo enviaban a mi dirección tardaría mas…en fin, no me lío, entiendo tu frustración, y que las companias aéreas abusan del vacío legal que existe, y que no nos permite denuncias cosas como estas. Un besito Andy, seguro que estás igualmente guapísima sin maquillaje :)

  48. I feel you…This happened to me too after a month long shopping in NY with all my new stuff there. They kept telling me the same, that they have no idea, where it is, but I finally got it after like 7 days.. so I hope you will get yours too! But hanging up?? I would kill them, still remember the desperation! Btw. ever since that, I have such a full carry on with all my important stuff, don´t trust them any more..

  49. I can understand your frustration and you are totally right to feel that way. I traveled to Tenerife last year with a connecting flight from Madrid with Spanair and they lost my luggage too. It was frustrating to try to deal with the problem as the staff was careless and told me that they cannot locate my luggage! It was unbeliveable!

  50. Hi Andy! I am so sorry for your bag! I can imagine how difficult it could be without your personal things :( I saw a post on twitter that you found your bag already, I am happy for you :) oh btw, I love your shirt! Enjoy your friday!xx

  51. What a terrible experience =(I'm so sorry for that.Anyway you'll look stunning even with no make up.xoxox

  52. Such a sad story.. I was following it on twitter and I felt so sorry for you! Must be horrible not to have your stuff with on a trip. Hope I'll never have to experience that.. But once again, lovely outfit Andy <3www.ellesappellepauline.blogspot.nlxoxo

  53. hell no! I am so sorry for you :(hopefully this post can help you to get your suitcase back?! but oh wait, vueling don't know how you use a computer, so who knows if they will find this post of the big world wide web…all the best! X

  54. Ugh, that happened to me with American Airlines. After simply deciding to NOT put my luggage on the flight, they took three days to actually get it to me. So sorry that you had to deal with that. Hope you still enjoyed your vacay thought! xxFASHION EATERS

  55. That is one of the reasons the country is doing so bad… I am Spanish, but live in London and that behaviour extents to lot of different companies (cellphone companies, governement….. It is terrible.

  56. I know how you felt! When i went to America 2 years ago with a group of 20 people the company sent us only 4 bags! There were 20 bags and only 4 of them arrived in Florida! The other 16 were send to ATLANTA! And moreover we passed the next 4 days without our bags (obviously i was one of the 16 people -.-'') so i had to buy all the staff i hadn't with me! I Hope you enjoyed as well your trip :)

  57. Haha ! Poor you, but I am laughing at that company because, now thanks to you a lot of people are aware of how bad they are, what a bad publicity ! Well done ! And it's a chance you hadn't put your MacBook or Canon inside of your luggage !! – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  58. Andy..everything happen for a might just need new clothes:) And you know how does work out for people who're rude? apparently they have diffciulties in life..and you cant do anything about that. but you can already have a nice cup of coffe today and smile about it;)

  59. when i Travel by plane loosing my suitcase it the worst senario..I' really sorry for what you've been through and I agree that a customer service is essential. I hope you'll find your luggage soon.

  60. What a disaster, I feel so sorry for you! I will keep the company's name on my mind and never ever deal with them, it's so sad to see how terrible customer service they have!!

  61. What an awful story. Truly the worst that can happen when you take trip, even worse when you're taking a fashion related trip! Thank goodness you have about 25.000 followers all over the world, that won't make the mistake to fly with this agency.Hope you feel better..!Love Lian –

  62. Pff, what a stupid company.I once lost my luggage, I flew to Turkey and my bag to Germany :pBut the next day ot got delivered at the hotel I was staying, amazing service!I hope you have you luggage back now or is it still lost?♥ LAST DAY!POW! shirt giveaway on my blog!

  63. Dear Andy,I am appalled by your story! As Vueling is a low cost company, and I think isn't on IATA's list, you'll probably won't get any compensations (normally IATA companies have the obligation to give you a compensation while you're waiting for you luggage, so that you can at least buy some clothes, toothbrush and all)… But, could you check if you got a luggage tag stuck on your boarding pass by the person at the check in counter (with your luggage number)? If so, you should contact the luggage handling company in Barcelona directly (like Flightcare, but I don't know who does it for Vueling in BCN). You could also file a complain at Aena's Aeropuerto's e-government ( hope this is helpful!Love the outfit by the way! :-)N.

  64. Vueling is like the worst company ever…travelled with them in september and at first we couldn't even book our flights..they always said it wasn't sucessful…end of story: they booked them. twice. and wanted us to pay for it.oh and we also had a delay of over 2 hours. So i defenitly agree with you! btw love your blog, andy!!

  65. Perder las maletas es una de las cosas más frustrantes que hay en el mundo!Me da pena porque seguro que por culpa de este incidente, no disfrutaste de la maravillosa isla de

  66. I'm agree with you Andy for the low company profile of Vueling!!It happened to me the same, or similar situation to you, some years ago I went to Barcelona for a few days, and my bag was lost…I waited two days and we I recollect my luggage was almost the time to go back home…Hope you had a wonderful time anyway, because they will not apologize for that!xOxOangelica

  67. Feo caso en serio :S me vine enterando por tu twitter, aparte que es eso de que te cuelguen el teléfono?! No dudes en demandarlos u.u Espero que tu maleta aparezca pronto! espero leer buenas noticias sobre ello en tu twitter :)

  68. I think that after this story you are going to receive many free miles with this company! You were still gorgeous on the pictures.

  69. Wow, that really sounds like a nightmare. I have lost my luggage before but it always arrived the same day. Sorry about your bad experience! From the pictures I assume you had a wonderful time!! You look lovely all in denim! xo,

  70. I totally understand your frustration Andy! Every time I went on vacation with my family, my mom's luggage somehow got lost, every single time! I've learned to pack my handluggage with essentials and valuables as you can't trust the companies with it. Good luck retrieving your bag, and you've done your job warning us about Vueling! She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog

  71. oh no… your experience was totally hell and devastating. hope you have found your bag eventually, really can't believe service these days can get so horrible… omg luckily you have your friends with you!!

  72. After reading this post, I'm feeling extremely unhappy. Even though I've never heard of the airline, what you described was atrocious! I can only imagine how horrible those three days must be and I sincerely hope that you will find your bags soon. It must be god awful…thank goodness you have help from other bloggers and Mango. Now I have new found respect for them and I hope that I'd have the compassion and courage to do the same for anyone in the same situation. Cheer up Andy! I hope to hear good news the next time I visit! – Vickie

  73. Loosing your luggage must be a shock.. All your belongings you think essensial to travel with to be lost must be the worst.. I hope that you found your luggage at the end.

  74. Oh nooo, such a horror story. I cannot believe the way this company treated you. I have to say, since I flew with them to Barcelona, that I am not that impressed myself. I really hope you get your bag back after all and otherwise that your insurence company comes around.

  75. I hope you get your bag soon Andy. Actually, when you lost you bag the baggage service will track your baggage from the baggage number and contact you as soon as possible.Shame on their service.When you get your baggage back,don't forget to check for any damage on your bag,also your belonging,ok?? Wish you the best :)

  76. How frustrating… I've been through that but always got my bag the day after… just remember to ask them for a refund for each day that they have lost your bag… it's about 100 Euro per day ( not sure on the exact amount) and EVERY airline should refund you. I know it won't give you back the energy you lost speaking to the useless customer service and it won't give you back the fact that you didn't have your items to shoot pics in Ibiza but it's still something ;) Coraggio ;)

  77. I seriously think that you should write a letter of complaint to that airline as that is beyond unacceptable what they did to you. I seriously felt your pain and I would have felt the exact way. Thank God your friends helped you out :) Mary

  78. I am really so sorry to hear about this awful experience. You were supposed to enjoy your trip and I guess this ruined it for most of the part, since you were worried and stressed all the time.It is good, though, that you are telling us about it, since I went to Barcelona a month ago with Vueling and thought they weren't that bad, but now I know that I should never fly with them ever again.I really hope you get your bag back!! xPaint me in the landscape

  79. Feel so sorry for you! It's just TERRIBLE when that happens and the airline staff just don't seem to care at

  80. Ciao Andy. That sounds really frustrating and I hope it won't happen again. I guess airline companies should employ people who can go beyond just to help their customers specially in situation like this. Unlike in the US customer services are regulated, one cannot hang-up a phone but here in Europe their phone people are annoying. Hoping this is a call to improve their services. So, any news with the lost luggage? Hope you can recover it. XX milanomode

  81. I know how you feel. Vueling lost my baggage twice and haven't seen it back ever. Customer service was indeed crappy. They didn't care at all and they – indeed – hanged up the phone. I hope they go bankrupt.

  82. Can't you require some sort of compensation? Insurance? Anyting? It seems that their way of handling this issue is incredibly unprofessional. I think you had every right to be angry, frustrated and to refuse to use their services ever again. Hope your luggage made it home.

  83. Can't you require some sort of compensation? Insurance? Anyting? It seems that their way of handling this issue is incredibly unprofessional. I think you had every right to be angry, frustrated and to refuse to use their services ever again. Hope your luggage made it home.

  84. Scandalous!!!Unbelievable to hear about so terrible customer service these days, we should bear in mind not to use these airlines!!!

  85. WOW how ridiculous. that stupid company, i will NEVER fly with them after reading this. I hope you find you bag eventually, other wise you should take legal action…if it's possibleAdam Galla

  86. Ah man, I feel so frustrated for you!*This is the kind of stuff that piss me off, rudeness, uggghh!*What a crappy company!*Thanks for sharing!*I hope I never ever have to use their services!*I hope your luggage turns up one day otherwise I wish you incredible joy and happiness so you can forget this incident and have a beautiful life instead =)

  87. Oh dear Andy , I am so sorry for you ! Hope you finally get your luggage home . They are really awful, I flew recently from Barcelona to Tenerife with Vueling , paid for 2 luggage pieces 50 euroes charge ( 25 € each ) and on the check in desc they suddenly said that even if you pay for 2 suitcases , they can´t exceed together 23 kg so they charged me extra 5 euros for every kg of excess . This information was not provided in the website while buying the thicket and I find it so frustrating .XX Luba Well Living Blog :: GIVEAWAY :: exclusive Michael Kors bag :: GIVEAWAY

  88. I'm so happy that you write about this on your blog and this is read by a large amount of people Andy! I had the same experience (it happened to me 3 times) with Vueling and Ryan Air. They really should be ashamed of their services, so thank you for sharing this and hopelfully it will contribute to something in their policy.

  89. God, reading this makes me so mad, I can't believe they treated you like this, this is the worst case of customer service ever, so disrespectful, incompetent and rude, I feel so sorry that you had to go through all that stress, that is just not okay to lose someone's luggage and have no idea about it's whereabouts.I hope you still had fun on your trip though!xoxo from Huyen

  90. What a disaster the vueling lost your bag! It really sounds like a nightmare. I hope that you will get your bag back anyway. I really love your outfit! The denim blouse is gorgeous. xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  91. I completely understand how you are feeling Andy. The same thing happened to me in one of my holidays and I had to spend quite some money to buy things I really needed. It's a nightmare…I never got back my bag as well :(

  92. Such a sad story. I was following it on twitter already…I can't believe it could be that difficult to find a bag in the 21th century -.-

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