October 25, 2012 in Lookbook by Andy

Fashion Blogger Andy Torres from StyleScrapbook wearing J Brand leather pants and Stine Riis for HM coat
Leather pants: J Brand  |  Shoes: Lanvin  |  Coat: Stine Riis for H&M  |  Turtle neck: ZARA men  |   Bag: Proenza Schouler
I occasionally (and by occasionally, I mean on a daily basis) get obsessed with songs. When I get hooked on a song, I play it on repeat until my ears want to explode -or I get a headache from wearing my oversized headphones, which is happening as we speak-. 
I cant help it, I love music too much and I try to relate every song I hear with a particular moment or situation in my life, so I guess my life does have a soundtrack… I am hooked on a lot of songs right now, in fact, a friend of mine created a playlist for us to share the music we love, or new great music stumble upon. Its something like an “Autumn Mood playlist” which is starting to become a favorite of mine. 
Whats not on that playlist but is literally obsessing me for the past few days, is “Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris featuring a personal favorite, Florence Welch. If you haven’t heard the song yet, beware, you might get seriously hooked too.-I just hope they don’t overkill it on the radio in the next few weeks-. Here is the link -listen under your own risk-