Skirt: Nanette Lepore (c/o)  |  Jumper: TOPMAN  |  Coat: ZARA  |  Denim shirt: LEE (c/o)  |  Necklace: MANGO  |  Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Same coat, different look. Man, I forgot how versatile this coat was, in fact, I even forgot I had it… In other exciting news; Hello October heat wave!!! Absolutely perfect weather to wear the skirt I have been wanting to wear for days now. You know, when you wake up to a 19 degree day at the end of October, you can only smile and be grateful for it. I just hope it lasts longer than a day!


196 thoughts on “SAME BUT DIFFERENT

  1. Wow I am so confused, don't know what I like more about your post – pictures or the outfit..everything seems to be perfect!!Love from India

  2. First of all the backround is perfect! Second and most important I love this skirt!!! It's so beautiful!!! And the bag is amazing!!

  3. you are unique babykissesNEW LOOK: BLAZER IN BLACK AND BEATLES

  4. Is Holand the best place to take photos during Fall? aarrrghh here in Portugal in my area I can not find that diversity of colours on the leaves they are either still green and when they fall to the floor they are dead brown -_-

  5. Well, then I guess this heat wave hit a bigger part of Europe than I thought. Today I had to go to work at 4 a.m. and when I stepped outside, there was the most weird weather, it was warm but windy. Weird!By the way, the skirt is very exquisite :)

  6. Great look!! I`m in Argentina and here is the opposite!! we are at the end of october and still with coats and sweaters!!! I need my spring back!! hahahaKisses<3

  7. You look so adorable and that skirt! OMG! The colors!! LOVE it!Bianca

  8. Oh, I LOVE these autumn colours. You chose an adorable background! Your outfit is great, too, I love when october still has the temperatures to wear something like that. Unfortunately, here in the south of Germany these times are over now, I think. So I go looking for a great coat like yours :) xx

  9. Adore your skirt Andy! We've also been experiencing these temperatures in the UK.Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

  10. gorgeous, i love that skirt, and the background just fits really well with that outfit, it that makes any sense :)xoxo

  11. Oh, I love this coat, sooo cool and stylish, the skirt is beautiful too and also the scenery ♥

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