171 thoughts on “ONE DAY

  1. That's a great outfit. I love the skirt with the leather details and the hat is simply amazing. You're a lucky girl, because you look that great while wearing a hat :) xx

  2. The fitted denim shirt is great. The whole look is nice but I really love the shirt. I could also picture it with camel colored knit bell bottoms..so 70's ha!Ali of;www.aliandang.com

  3. are you insane walking bare legged with this weather???? :Dwe do everything for fashion right ;)great outfit!kisses Giohttp://giostylebook.blogspot.com

  4. Hi Andy, I've been following your blog for some time now and I really like your style. You're a very inspirational person! I love the shoes you're wearing here, I've been looking for something similar for ages, where are they from? Thanks!

  5. Lovely look, Andy!But let us in on going barelegged without catching a cold!Como haces!!! Me encanta ir sin medias pero ya por estas fechas empieza a ver peligro de resfriados!Q envidia de chaqueta, vas genial!

  6. Very cute outfit – love that skirt, and your amazing boots! Love the setting too, a great backdrop for this look :) B xwww.phoandchips.com

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