October 8, 2012 in Fashion by Andy

Sophie Vlaming by Richard Bernardin for Grazia France
Getting to visit places in which I have never been before is hands down, one of my favorite parts of what I do. Traveling is such an exhilarating thing isn’t it? I am at the airport way too often lately, but I still get the same feeling I used to get when I was a little girl and took my first flight a long time ago.
This time I am off to Ibiza. I have never been there before and I have to confess, the first thing that comes to mind when somebody says Ibiza, is a party Island, Which is probably a cliche but since I am not a fan of cliches at all, I am willing to erase that thought from my mind and start from zero the moment I land on the Island.
I shall keep you posted but I have to go now, its time to board the plane…