Fashion blogger Andy Torres playing her black Fender Sonoran guitar
Ever since I was a really tiny toddler, I’ve been wanting to learn to play the guitar. Life happened, I got busy and never got around to do it. 
According to my mind as a teenager, I was going to be a super skilled guitar player dating a musician and we would have acoustic sessions under the candle lights, where we would sing and play. That also never happened, but hey! I am still young and its never too late…With this is mind, I went and bought my first guitar, -well second because I used to “play” my moms guitar when I was younger, but that doesn’t count-. The moment I walked into the shop and the seller asked me; Which one do you like? I said; That one!, pointing at this deliciously beautiful black Fender Sonoran SCE.
Wish me luck!

P.S- If you know of any amazing websites that teach you to play the basics, by all means please share. And even better, if you live in Amsterdam and you know where I can go for a few lessons, let me know. My cousins are musicians and promised me to teach me when I go to Mexico during the holidays, but in the meantime, I gotta learn something!

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  1. Andy hace tiempo te sigo y nunca habia comentado.. Que bueno que tengas tu guitarra, yo toco hace tiempo y es casi imprescindible en mi vida la musica. No hay mejor plan que pasar un buen rato tocando tu instrumento. Para aprender podes buscar en youtube "how to play(cualquier cancion)", esta lleno de tutoriales, otra buena pagina es tiene muchas tabs. Espero te sirvan y pronto estes mostrandonos tus canciones.Besos y a practicar!!Josefina

  2. Andy es la primera vez que comento y te sigo desde hace tiempo… Soy una gran fanatica de la musica y no hay nada mejor que pasar un buen rato tocando algun instrumento..Yo aprendi sola aprendiendo acordes y practicando mucho. Podes buscar en youtube "how to play (cualquier cancion)" hay muchos tutoriales, si no la pagina tiene muchas tabs para aprender.. Espero que aprendas rapido y nos muestres a todos tus canciones..BesosJosefina

  3. If you know the basic chords, you can always check this site out I've learned to play songs from that website, and in some songs if you drag the pointer over the chords they show you where to put your fingers. Other tips and tricks is to look at youtube clips :)Good luck!

  4. I taught myself how to play ukulele and guitar. For ukulele I just bought a book to teach me a little bit, but the biggest thing that helped was just learning chords and practicing switching from one chord to another over and over and over again! Your fingers are going to hurt and it's going to be really annoying and frustrating until you get it, but once you get the first couple chords, the other ones come a lot easier. Guitar is the same way. Just start from the basic chords! You can do it!

  5. Genial! las fotos están tan increíbles como tu nueva guitarra, yo toco piano desde los 6 pero nunca aprendí a tocar guitarra :( solo me enamoré de mi profesor :D buena suerte con tus lecciones! saludos desde

  6. Hola Andy! te escribo en español porque se que me entiendes :) desde que conozco el blog me volví fanática oficial de el( pero me habia mantenido calladita sin comentar) ,ademas casi por poco trabajo contigo en el programa que hiciste por latino América, específicamente en Colombia :) que pesar no haberte conocido en persona, pero llegara el momento ;), te cuento creo que tuve el mismo sueño que tu cuando pequeña y quería ser la mejor guitarrista estilo AC/DC jajaja anyway! aquí te dejo un pagina que podría servirte y lo mas importante la soltura en los dedos! yo deje de tocar y ahora se me hace mas dificil! un abrazo y e gustaria contarte y pedirte consejo de muchas cosas mas! Daniella R.

  7. That's so cool! I've always wanted to learn playing the piano and I hope one day I could buy a Royal :D That guitar is very beautiful! I once played some instruments in Garage band on my Mac :D well that doesn't count I think… Good luck with your guitar lessons anyway!

  8. That so great, good luck with learning, you should put up a video when you have learned to play a song! I really wanna learn to play as well, but I just don't have the time for it :/

  9. Amazing, you should really pursue it, playing an instrument can be really fulfilling!xoxo

  10. I learn to play guittar when I was a young but big girl, so….., now I play very cool and I got a Gibson!!!HugsAnieB

  11. So cool! & never give up on what you love to do because in the end, that's all that matters<

  12. I can't play the guitar (I used to play the harp, oh love!) but I HAVE to ask you "how did you get that spectacular effect on your pics??"Vittoria

  13. Good luck! Practice is key :-) I suggest learning tablature ( for easy and quick play. I suggest even more learning from a wonderful teacher all the ins and outs and how to read music. So lots of patience and determination and its worth every moment of it. And don't pause when changing chords :-) enjoy, she's a beautyxx

  14. The program my little brother used to learn how to play guitar, is, very simple actually, GarageBand. If you have an Apple-computer it should already be on it, if not, you can download it, even for free, I think. And, for the record, beautiful guitar!

  15. Happy for you Andy ! You also have goit an amazing voice!I remember some video of you singing Use somebody!:)You should write some songs!!

  16. Ive always wanted to learn as well, and I love the fender as that what Jimi HENDRIX uses and he is a badass on the guitar, and I know in no time you will have an album we will all be lining up for :) your a rockstar Andy!!!!XOCymone

  17. My mom's boyfriends Steven used to play the guitare. Now we have three guitares in the house and nobody can play them :p. They just look so cool and romantic! Please share when you have found a good website that teaches you how to play. I'd love to learn how. ♥

  18. I¨ve liked since ever Fender Stratocaster guitars, they sounded specially well, and they were the favorite one of most famous rock musicians… You are very lucky!! And you´ll get a lot of tutorial videos hanged on You Tube about learning to play guitars. Pictures are ver pretty!!.

  19. Great! My boyfriend teaches the basics to a friend of his. I don't know if he's looking for a new student but he could teach you if you want. We live in Amsteram West (near the Kinkerstraat).Hope you enjoy your new guitar :)! xx

  20. I used to want to play the guitar as a teenager. And I even got one then. But after learning some my fingers got so sore I could not stand it. So I waited a week or so to heal, and that week became years.Now my guitar got addoped by my husband and he learns from the YouTube video's. There's plenty of them there. He's getting real good at it!

  21. Hey Andy,you should try out ultimate-guitar.comit's pretty easy because they have so many chords and you can easily see where and how to put your fingers ;)I've learned to paly guitar by myself when I was 10..just keep on playing otherwise you won't learn it! ;pgood luck!

  22. I started playing the guitar this summer, my dad teached me some chords and i started playing.. but being back in Amsterdam and having my normal busy life back the whole playing guitar got a bit on the background haha.. Seeing this post inspired me to pick it up again, because starting is the hardest.. :)The site which is the most helpful for me is .. where you can find almost every song with the according chord schemes.. the helpful thing is when you're standing with your "arrow" on the chord, it will show you the fingerplacement of the chord and you won't have to google everything haha!good luck! Love your blog and keep up the good work :)xxxxxx Anniek

  23. Inspiring!!! This is great Andy, enjoy and stick to it! I'm also on my way to "never too late" horse back riding but frankly the weather these days in Amsterdam really "helps" you do something indoor…

  24. I think I can only dream of a guitar like this one. It really is beautiful. Anyway, you can learn to play ( in my opinion) even alone, if you can really find the time. What I did when I first started learning to play was to like a song, which sounds easy and search for the tabs or the chords on the net. is a great site for tabs and chords and there are about 5 versions of every songs, so you can choose the one that suits you and your skills the best. Youtube is also a really good place to find help. There are lots of channels for guitar lessons, containing from basic lessons(how to hold the guitar, what is that thing a "tab" and so on) to teaching how to play advanced songs. If you need to strum your guitar, you can download an app for your phone to help you(I'm not shure if you're using andriod or ios, but there should be such applications for both). And last but not least, you've got to have lots of patience. It never works from the first time. Good luck!Anette

  25. My husband is 30 years old this year, friends presented the guitar, he is also involved in training games on internet, I find out what sites but good for you.I wish you inspiration and good neighbors :)

  26. I also want to play the guitar and honestly I've been thinking about it more seriously in the past couple of months.. I'm very busy with the univercity and exams, but maybe I'll buy myself a guitar and find some time for it! You should always follow your dreams, right? :))Good luck, girl! Desislava

  27. Woow, enjoy this beauty! I have a Gibson since long, I hope my son will once play it, too :)And I really like the concept of your pictures, congrats for idea!Ciao, Andrea

  28. Yes, thats what I also ever wanted, learn to play guitar, but how you told, life happend and I never did. Great decision, its never too late!! ;)

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