Its not too often that we manage to catch this kind of “magic” light while we shoot, specially in the middle of the forest.
 I am supposed to post a proper look of the day from this set of photos, but not today. Today I will only limit myself to this one photo that shows exactly my state of mind this weekend; Deep in thought -there are too many decisions to be made-.


150 thoughts on “MAGIC FOREST

  1. Muy bonita foto… Me encanta tu blog… y me gusta mucho mas cuando pones la traduccion al español…jejeje. Hazlo mas seguido please. Saludos desde Son, Mex.Grace.

  2. This picture is amazing! It's like one of those pictures that you search on google and express so much. It's like they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hope it'll give you the inspiration you need!

  3. Ah this light and photo are gorgeous! Being a new blogger Im finding it hard to get good lighting for photos especially living in grey london….Love the gold button on your shirt :-)

  4. What a nice picture with this beautiful lighting. I am wondering what you need to think about and what kind of decisions you need to make. I am too wrapped in making decisions which are really exciting to make but may change the course of my life. I am simply looking forward to the future now!Good luck on making your decisions,Love,Nancy

  5. amazing pic!+xxxx

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