Fashion blogger Andy Torres look of the day wearing Balenciaga boots, Celine sunglasses, Proenza schouler blanket jacquard bag and Sandro Manteau Mielleuse jacket
Jacket: Sandro (c/o)  |  Pants: ZARA  |  Boots: Balenciaga  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Earrings: Mango  |  Jumper: Gina Tricot
As soon as Autumn arrives, I always get desperate to find a jacket to wear during the Winter. It gets a bit complicated because I want it to be simple enough so I can wear it with a lot of different outfits, but special enough to make those outfits a bit cooler – I don’t ask for much right?- :P
When I first eyed this jacket, my heart literally skipped a beat and I thought it was all I’ve ever wanted in a winter jacket; Biker style, shearling and leather on the collar and long enough not to get those winter drafts up my belly. I proceeded to revise my winter coats and realized they were all long/black/kind of boring. 
At first I thought this jacket was black -Am I colorblind or what?-. Another black coat added to the equation? I don’t know if that is a good idea, maybe I should have a good look at it again?. 
When I get “obsessed” with something, I look at photos of it over and over again as part of my convincing process. I couldn’t get this jacket out of my head so as I said, I had a good look at it again, but this time I payed a little more attention; ITS BLUE!, its not black, its blue!!! and just like that, the justification I was waiting for came out of nowhere and it a matter of seconds. Its blue and its perfect!
En cuanto llega el Otoño, me entra un tipo de desesperación por encontrar “la chamarra perfecta” para usar durante el invierno. Luego se me complica todo por que la quiero lo suficientemente simple para poder combinarla con todo, pero lo suficientemente especial para darle ese “toque final” a mis looks de invierno, que para ser [email protected], aveces se hacen un poco tediosos. 
Cuando me tope con esta chamarra, le dije a mi novio; ¡Esta es la chamarra perfecta!. Después me puse a revisar todos mis abrigos de invierno y me di cuenta que todos eran negros, largos y un poco aburridos.
Al principio pense que la chamarra era negra -¿que tal mi nivel de daltonismo?. ¿Otro abrigo negro en mi closet?, no creo que sea una buena idea, deveria de pensarlo mejor.
Cuando me entra una “obsession” por algo, me la paso viendo fotos del objeto en cuestión como parte de mi proceso de convencimiento. No me podia sacar esta chamarra de la cabeza y como ya lo había dicho antes, lo pensé mejor y le puse un poco mas de atención; ¡Es AZUL!, no es negra, ¡¡¡es azul!!! y así nada mas, la justificación que necesitaba me cayo del cielo y en segundos. Es azul y es perfecta :)

187 thoughts on “ITS BLUE!

  1. Your jacket is just perfect and your top has enhanced the overall look! Love it!Greetings from India

  2. Hola Andy, oye encontré que pusiste devería en lugar de debería en el post anterior, supongo que fue un error de dedo… "…¿Otro abrigo negro en mi closet?, no creo que sea una buena idea, deveria de pensarlo mejor." me gusta tu blog, buena semana!

  3. The outfit is just awesome.I have to write it down, that jacket is just absolutely gorgeous and I think I wont eat like three months to be able to buy it! LOOOOVE IT!

  4. Haha, I just love the little story you wrote! It's so funny that a little detail can be such a good argument to buy a new piece of clothing! Actually, I got a opposite situation. I bought a jacket and I really thought it was black, but it turned out to be more blue, especially in the sun, but I still like its colour ! xx

  5. It is really nice, it must be a real dark blue then, because for me it looks like black, can't really see it that good on the screen. But it is a real nice jacket and I love your overall look here!All<

  6. It's definitely perfect! And you're right, it's slightely dark blue and it's an amazing jacket, quite different from the usual. Great purchase! I absolutely adore the mix of shearling and leather on that jacket, it's really pretty. And you look amazing!Have a nice day! :)xoxo

  7. Hmmmm… I've been a silent follower of your blog for awhile and never really had the urge to comment until now. Generally i think your style is fabulous. However, the longer i followed you i noticed the abundance of jackets that look too similar. I know you love the overall biker look, who doesn't? :) off the top of my head, there's this new dark blue one, a long black one from zara, a similar looking long blue one, another blue with black patent sleeves, the beige acne one, the burgundy topshop one—all with the same-ish biker look. Not saying that it's bad to have lots of jackets, but i thought fashion blogs (especially veteran ones like yours) would always have more variety even with your discernable, signature style. Trust me, i'm no hater—though i think having lots of jackets that look too much the same is stagnant and a little wasteful.

  8. Great Look! You combined all the fall/winter trends in one look!btw: my blog is celebrating it's first aniversary so say hello

  9. Haha you're right it's slightly blue. And truly beautiful ! As the Maje blue electric one you got recently. Both French brands that I am starting to like ! They used to sell boring clothes but they keep improving and I'm thinking about getting the ethnic-printed jacket your friend Carolina got from MajeNice look Andy ! – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  10. So cool!! And love the sweater!! I dont know about the pants…I think black or grey jeans would have looked even beter! But overall cooool!Bianca

  11. love this jacket!!!I also do have the same problem with jackets every autumn :Dkisses GIo

  12. The jacket is really great! An this shirt too. I think I wouldn't notice it hanging in the shop, but in this combination it looks quite nice.

  13. Hi Andy! I love your sense of style! The biker jacket is perfect for winter and so different from the usual array of winter warmers out there! Really enjoying your blog! xx Tasha

  14. Tried this jacket on the other day and my heart started crying at how much it loved such a gorgeous garment, but my wallet started crying too. Jealous!

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