196 thoughts on “FALLING

  1. What's the brand of your boots? I can't find it in any of your posts. Do you keep it a secret, because they're lovely! Thanks in advance.

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  3. Me encanta el look Andy, eres una persona con mucho estilo y que a pesar de que tu nivel de vida haya aumentado etc. debido al blog se te ve alguien con los pies en la tierra y que apenas ha cambiado, y eso es quizás lo que más nos gusta de ti. Sigue así <3Andrea in Fashion

  4. Oi Andy!Amo seu blog! Acompanho a muito tempo! Essas calças são lindas. Borgonha é maravilhoso!E amei o vídeo do último post.Beijos

  5. This outfit is also beautiful! You're such a pretty girl,your blog gives me so much inspiration, I can look at it for hours.You must be Englisch,are you? Would you let me know if you're from England ? ( @celinevnas)xoxo

  6. Another lovely outfit! I love the burgundy pants. Like a minute ago I looked at this BEAUTIFUL bag at an online shop. Too bad, it is so expensive, but it looks great on you all the time :) xx

  7. Your photo's are always so pretty! Wow! you got style! your blog gives me inspiration! Must be Englisch isn't it? Would you let me know if you're Englisch? (twitter: @celinevnas)All of the best with your blog! x Celine

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  9. Me gusta un monton tu pantalon de cuero, y las botas, y el sitio donde te encuentras, me encantaria irme a vivir alli, jejjeeun beso

  10. Yeah TGIF ! You look amazing againYou've improved the way of taking photos and editing them I think, we can tell the difference ! Love it !xxwww.coralieslooks.com – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  11. the thing that i love your blog the most is that you're not only give us the brands of clothes but also the links of them. That gives us an easy way to know where to get them. :)xxoo,melissaareyoumelissa.blogspot.com

  12. You always wear sych a nice jewels, and this time I looove your bracelets just too much ! they look so good with your PS11 bag, just like they were made for the same purpose! and they also suit this jacket perfectly ! much love xxwww.aniacyk.blogspot.com

  13. I love this look. I have exactly the same pants only from H&M. I'm rocking them in my outfit post today – check them out & let me know what you think!Have a fab weekend Hun xoxohttp://www.intotheblonde.com/

  14. Ah gorgeous outfit! Love everything… Just so simple and stylish…I love how you broke up the black with the burgundy pants which soften the whole look.Happy Friday!xxxnosmilenostyle.blogspot.com

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