October 4, 2012 in Fashion, Lookbook, Trips by Andy

I just came back from from Paris and as I find myself unpacking and cleaning up the mess of suitcases and clothes everywhere, It has finally hit me that Fashion Week (or more like month) season is over. I finally get to be home for a “while” and get back to my routines. 
I went to Paris for the Louis Vuitton show which I made it with literally 5 seconds to spare. The show was absolutely incredible, and so was the venue. Some of you might have catch a glimpse of it on my instagram or watched the Livestream on the web. Unfortunately, apart from my iPhone photos -which turned out pretty shitty- I didnt get to take photos with my camera because I forgot to grab it somewhere in between the chaos of; “RUN Carolina, we are not gonna make it!” and people at the entrance of the show shouting: “Its starting, its starting, run girls!”…The good news is, there is always