I just came back from from Paris and as I find myself unpacking and cleaning up the mess of suitcases and clothes everywhere, It has finally hit me that Fashion Week (or more like month) season is over. I finally get to be home for a “while” and get back to my routines. 
I went to Paris for the Louis Vuitton show which I made it with literally 5 seconds to spare. The show was absolutely incredible, and so was the venue. Some of you might have catch a glimpse of it on my instagram or watched the Livestream on the web. Unfortunately, apart from my iPhone photos -which turned out pretty shitty- I didnt get to take photos with my camera because I forgot to grab it somewhere in between the chaos of; “RUN Carolina, we are not gonna make it!” and people at the entrance of the show shouting: “Its starting, its starting, run girls!”…The good news is, there is always

141 thoughts on “AT THE LOUIS VUITTON SHOW

  1. I really love your style!! and SS13 LV show is really stunning!! Hooray for Marc Jacobs!!**I have been reading your blog for a long time and this is my first comment :)

  2. Looking good, looking good. I like you with those big shades, hair slicked back in a ponytail and those amazing long legs. Love it!!All<

  3. I just bought the same Zara coat as you're wearing! I adore it! Looks like you're having a fab time in Pareee XX

  4. Well that always happens when you are in a hurry, but as you say you can find amazing pics on But hey! You enjoyed it right? And you look amazing as always! Xoxo from Peru!

  5. It happens, but you are right ,you can always get good things on You look amazing as always Andy! Xoxo from Peru!

  6. The Louis Vuitton show was amazing!♥ Will you please vote for me in the Esprit Style Battle? See my blog for the link.

  7. Me encanta tu estilo, Andy. Y Carolina no se queda atrás.El abrigo es una maravilla (yo también he caído ante él, pero en azul marino con detalles en negro).Espero que disfrutaseis mucho.Un beso a las dos desde

  8. You both look incredible and so was the show….yet again just amazing pieces! I can imagine you're going to need a long nap after a month of shows :)

  9. well this pic that you have is fab anyways. and you two girl look so cool! i can totally see how much fun you two had =)

  10. you two are one of the fanciest girls around seriously :) love Carolina's bag. it's really striking for the eye :) your outfit however is just so bold. I love how there is quite a lot of elements in one. the top, the coat, bag everything blends together nicely! hope the LV show was really great for you both ^^ I find the concept a bit odd with escalators though :(

  11. You are so cute together!!Bianca

  12. You look so beautiful – both of you!But I've got a little question (It would be great, if you could answer it to me) : Do you have any tricks or tips how to wear such big earrings? I've got the H&M ones too, and after a couple of hours, my ears hurt like hell :-(

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