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Photos by me for ©StyleScrapbook
I just came back to my hotel from the TOPSHOP Unique show. Did you guys manage to catch the Livestream on the blog? I would love to hear your opinion about it.
Here are some photos I took from my favorite looks. I just loved the minimalistic aesthetic of the show and how maxi shapes are coming back. I could really see myself wearing wide legged trousers and oversized boyfriend blazers next spring but if I really had to pick a favorite look from the show, I think I would have to go with photos number 10, 11, 14 and 17 (Lets add the white suit from on the second photo as well -ok, it was impossible to pick only one-) … Which is your favorite look/piece?

79 thoughts on “TOPSHOP UNIQUE SS13

  1. I watched the show! I think it was amazing. I really loved the oversized clothes and the mix of textures keeping it simple at the same time. My faves are pictures 11 and 14, and the jacket from picture 10. They remind me of your style, too. I hope the collection will be available to shop in Spain!vogue or die

  2. Totally felt in love with this collection! They put a lot of energy in beautiful cuts, precise volumes and interesting fabrics!Can't choose just one look so my three favorites are the look with the over sized grey vest, the sheer pink skirt and the silver and white looks.Can't wait for your next catwalk post!xoxoJulia from

  3. Unfortunately I didn't mange to see the live stream of the show but these photos are great too! Wonderful collection! Love the light grey vest and the white dress with black horizontal stripes is amazing!!

  4. How fine that I'm going to London soon, so I can spend all my money at TOPSHOP :Dgreetings from Germany :)Lena

  5. I watched the livestream show on your blog and I LOOOOOVED IT!!! The collection is sooo me…minimal, lots of white, oversized pieces, it's just perfect. But If I had to pick one look, I'd say maybe photo 14, which is kinda curious, since I'm not one to wear silver pieces but I really loved that skirt with the oversized grey sweater.

  6. thanks for sharing!this post is amazing!xxxx

  7. very beautiful and cool pieces. Topshop is great!franNEW LOOK: JAMES DEAN

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