Sweater: H&M Trend (coming in Autumn) / Shoes: Burberry Prorsum / Earrings: H&M / Bag: Proenza Schouler / Velvet headband: H&M / Sunglasses: Celine
This is pretty much my last weekend in Amsterdam for “a while”, The calm before the storm would be a suitable way to call it…I am taking a train to Paris on Tuesday, coming back to Amsterdam on Wednesday night and flying to New York City for my 4th NYFW very early the next morning….It will be hectic and stressful, it will mean lack of sleep, rushing from place to place while wearing uncomfortable and painful footwear for the sake of fashion, but man, am I looking forward to it or what? !
New York Fashion Week has become my favorite because, for starters, it’s New York City which in itself its a big plus, but I also get to see most of my dearest blogger friends… It’s the time where almost everyone is in town and we get to hang out and share stories over coffee, lunch, drinks, between shows, while sharing a cab ride or whatever is happening during that New York minute. 
Fashion Week season might be the most hectic and stressful time of the year for me, but I cant help it but to be extremely excited about it. I guess you can say its my guilty pleasure.

153 thoughts on “THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM

  1. Hi Andy!I just saw you on TED and let me say I loved to hear you! You are so nice and your story is amazing!! ;) I started a new blog a few months ago, I'm boing to follow all your advices! Congrats for your amazing blog!

  2. You look so stylish in so many differents styles! I adore every one, and this is so urban, but so chic. I love the sweater and the shoes. They look so nice with the denim jeans <3Have a great storm, dear :p

  3. I love the jumper!It's a bit like the ones from Vika Gazinskaya.I recently made a DIY inspired by her sweaters, You can check it out on my blog :)♥

  4. Looks like you will have a lot of experience in NYFW. Have a great flight and a lot of fun and andventures ;)Waiting for the fresh news from NY ;)With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}

  5. Ahhhh Amazing shoes and that sweater is gorgeous. I love this entire look. God, I wish I could go to NYFW, it would be the experience of my life. Have a hectic and fun time! Can't wait to see you're NYFW posts.XxMarleenStyle Route

  6. And you're extremely lucky for that :) Going to NYFW is a dream I pray everyday for to come true. I hope it happens one day for me too! While it doesn't, I will delight myself through your fashionable posts :D

  7. Great casual style! I fell in love with these earrings <3 They look like a masterpiece! Also, great geometric pattern of these "jewels" on your sweater – minimalism is the new black here!

  8. Andy you outifit is amazing like always!i love the b&w pic!!have a good stay in your trip form fashion week to fashion week!!! <3 you'll enjoy a lot…and…take me with you!!!! <3 !!have a lot of fun and don't run with heels..we know you can do it!!!ahahah….

  9. Andy, no sé como lo haces pero cada día estás más guapa! Me encanta como te queda el pelo de esa manera y el sweater es precioso. He visto en Zara uno similar.Besos desde

  10. This outfit could be put in the dictionary under "September", the colours, earrings, everything looks so autumn! x

  11. Love these Berberry shoes!!! Personaly if I had the chance to attend the NYFW I wouldn't mind to stay awake during the whole days!

  12. Supercool sweater!!Hair…mwah…love your bangs much more!!Bianca

  13. love the entire look!xxx

  14. its funny but what i like the most about this outfit of yours is the headband you are wearing on your hair!!!!they look extremely wear pussed bach this way!!i would propose to do that more and more often!!!ps the shoes are EXCELLENT!

  15. So cool you are going to Paris AND NY. Love both of these cities so much! Can't wait for your photos and looks of NY and what are you going to do in Paris?

  16. I can't believe I left NY right before NYFW and it's breaking my heart, but I'm coming to Amsterdam right as everyone else is leaving it. Have a great time Andy, and needless to say, take tons of photos!

  17. Hoy me gusta el look pero no la elección de los zapatos ya que no van conmigo pero tengo que reconocer que eso es lo bonito de la moda: jugar con ello y con propuestas arriesgadas y diferentes =)Kate

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