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A Jumper: TOPMAN / Skirt: H&M Trend / Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim / Shoes: ZARA / Sunglasses: Celine
Im really into Mixing sporty jumpers with more dressy knee length skirts + high heels. I believe that fashion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, well it kinda does, sometimes -most of the time- (*Specially during Fashion Week)

200 thoughts on “THE A TEAM

  1. Andy, where did that skirt come from? I can't even find a photo of it on google – I'm dying to know where did you get it. Can you help me out there?

  2. Love the skirt, as I am clearly craving these lively african prints. I do adore when, as stella jean says, they are given the proper respect and nice cut as more tradicional westernized clothing. Perfect outfit :-)

  3. aww this outfit is so cute! really simple and well put together and you just make it look amazing!really want a jumper like that but with an E! :)xxxx

  4. love the contrast of styles in this outfit, although the colours bind everything. Aubergine, grey and yellow are my fave colour combo. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. always perfect!xxx

  6. Love your look, I saw 3.1 Phillip Lim bags in Madrid I didn't like the burgundy one, but I'm daying over the red one. But on you look great.

  7. It's a great look, Andy! Very classy, but with a bit of cheekiness to it.I used to wear a red pencil skirt with soft casual jumpers when I was living in Munich – that certainly got a lot of (wanted and unwanted) attention.

  8. Maravillosa combinación. Mira que te sigo desde hace años y siempre me has encantado..pero es que cada día te superas!!

  9. Those are SUPER high heels Andy! But I looooove them!!! I'm such a fan of high heels and I've had my eyes on those from Zara for awhile! I think you've just convinced me to buy them!!!! Gorgeous outfit as always

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