I am a big fan of cooking, I think its a family thing. Unfortunately whenever I travel a lot, I have to make do with the food I can get along the way, so when I am home I try cooking as much as possible.
I was watching a cook show the other day and they were explaining how “unhealthy” take out can be. Of course it depends on the place, but they were speaking generally, so I decided to experiment and recreate my very own rice paper shrimp rolls, made at home and it really is as simple as it gets.
Above you can find the how to and what you need if you want to try them at home, you definitely wont regret it ;)


103 thoughts on “TAKE OUT?, NO THANK YOU

  1. Wow these look so tasty! I really want to give them a go! You should do more posts like this :) xxhttp://alicesstylenotes.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Oh yum – these look great, and so Vietnamese of you!! Haha love it! :) You're right – healthy, satisfying, and way better than take out! B xxwww.phoandchips.com

  3. Rice paper is my life saver :D I always have it hidden somewhere in my kitchen and any time I lack in ideas/time I use it. And in Asia it's their fast food.Haha I'd love to have sushi with McDonald's prices…

  4. Your photos look delicious!! I've made this at home a few times and it's one of my favorites =). If you don't mind the strong taste of fish sauce, next time use it to replace the soy sauce, it tastes like heaven!!xx

  5. Aaaahhhh your pictures make me soooo hungry!!! This is actually one of my favorite foods :) I always get spring rolls like these at the Asian traiteur whenever I'm in Paris and eat them multiple times a day! I always think some coriander leaves also add an extra umph to the whole taste experience. XOXO Jorine from,urbanattire.tumblr.com

  6. This looks yummie! Will try it, and then hopefully report back that it totally worked out ;) But I will not jinx my cooking skills on beforehand…Love,Jolienhttp://julianaandthedaydream.blogspot.be

  7. I made the same spring rolls recently and I love them. They are so fresh and delicious. Its also a very light but filling meal. Always a better alternative than take-out :)http://fitandfashion.wordpress.com

  8. I'm no fan of take-aways either and I love cooking at home. When I'm on a trip I also try to prepare some sandwiches for the way but once I'm somewhere else … I have to try local specialities, even if they are take-aways :)The shrimp rolls look delicious!

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