Skirt: Gina Tricot / Bag: Proenza Schouler / Top: H&M Trend / Shoes: Alexander Wang / Bracelets: Hermes / Sunglasses: ASOS
New York fashion week -in between the shows- is all about finding cool locations to shoot the look of the day and meeting up with other friends in town…Sofia and I met up for a quick coffee, simple task in NYC since there are hundreds of coffee places right? Wrong! because every time I am actually looking for a place to sit and have a quick coffee, they all magically disappear and when I don’t need one, I seem to pass 5 different ones on the same block. Has this ever happened to you?  

176 thoughts on “NEW YORK CITY

  1. Wow, Andy, this outfit is really great. I love peplum and it looks amazing on you! I hope you are having a great time at NYFW :) xx

  2. Love the necklace!! Puedes decirme como conseguirlo? Hace algun tiempo lo he buscado pero no encuentro uno de buena calidad, quien hizo el tuyo? GRacias Andy!

  3. I love this peplum top so chic because of the lace detail;) and i love your Proenza too:) one of the things i like the most on your blog is that you use the same bag/shoes again and again mixing them in different outfits showing us that mixing clothes/accessories is more important than change them everyday ;))A big hug !

  4. Estas genial en las fotos, quien te las suele hacer? Me encannnnta como has convinado la camiseta con la falda rota vaqueraaaaa, tienes muchisima personalidad y me encanta que estés ahi donde estás, te lo mereces :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxNOELIA ROUGE

  5. You're so lucky to be in NY for the Fashionweek! Hope you have lots of fun, even hounting for a cafe in the biggest rush :D+Really like the way the colour of the top and lenses goes tohether.

  6. Who would think to work a brocade peplum top with a distressed denim skirt it looks great. And I do not agree with "anonymous" the skirt looks great!

  7. You both look stunning! That happens to me all the time, not finding a place for coffee and passing a dozen when I'm not searching for one… xx

  8. Definitely! When I was in NY last summer, we ran into a Starbucks on like every corner of the street. One day it was 35 Celsius, so I was dying to get some green tea or water and we couldn't find a single Starbucks…Have fun!!

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