The -almost impossible to get- mini version of the Phillip Lim Pashli bag in Burgundy is not only perfect, but its now mine! :D … For some reason I am feeling drawn to smaller and smaller bags. There is something so appealing about wearing a bag that wont make your neck and back ache from how heavy it can get. The smaller the bag, the more comfortable it is, simple maths. 

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  1. I can't even tell you how jealous I am! This bag has had a spot at the very top of my wishlist for weeks now and the savings account for it is growing too slowly! Perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. :)Emilyvia Emily

  2. I know that feeling, I sarted using mini bags 2 year before leave school and i never mind if i'd carry all my books and notebook on my hands, and now, i still keep wearing mini-bags, but I don't know about the size of that bag, but if i compare this bag with the ones i have, mine are smaller. ;)neither I carry too much stuff on it. that's why! xo

  3. It must be the flash because in the photo the bag looks more dark purple?I love small bags!! I'm still hunting down the mini Pashli in pink, such a cute colour.

  4. Wahhh so cute! & Yes I think I should start carrying smaller bags, I think my shoulders are all weird now from wearing such heavy bags :( Can't wait to see the bag in an outfit post! xoxo PROVIDENCE STREET STYLE UP)

  5. Absolutely stunning! What a dream life you have! And a dream wardrobe, of course. As cheesy as it is, you really are an inspiration for me. Taking something you love and creating success out of it so creatively is everyone's goal, isn't it? You're amazing!xoOlivia

  6. I am SO jealous right now Andy; this is the ideal little 'carry-all' bag. And the smaller the bag, the less junk can accumulate at the bottom of it!

  7. I want the mini pashli too in white PVC but it was sold out, I'm sure I'd find one in a better color soon. Well Im a guy and this is just a tee bit feminine but perfect on you! Oh btw, if you want to know what went down at London's Fashion's Night Out you got to check this out, there's a funny pic of me with Matthew Williamson even though I look odd so don't judge lol- xx nathan.niche

  8. I agree! I use an extra (camera) bag for heavy sophisticated.Bianca

  9. It is so cute!And it's true. I don't want to know how many pounds of bag content I am dragging along on a daily basis. Indeed very bad for neck, back and shoulders. Long live tiny bags! Love,Jolien

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