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Mumford and Sons is one of my favorite bands ever. I feel so related to their songs and most of them remind me of special moments and people I’ve crossed paths with in the past few years…I’ve waited a LONG time for a new Mumford and Sons album to come out, literally years. A few minutes ago, as I was browsing youtube, I found this song from their new album -FINALLY!!!!- which will be released on the 24th is September.


Music is something that makes me really passionate and I really wanted to share a little bit of that with you…Hope you like the song as much as I do!

37 thoughts on “I WILL WAIT

  1. Mumford and Sons is hands down my favourite band ever.I have their album, just downloaded it just then!!! So excited :) I love I Will Wait.when you get the album, listen to Below my Feet!

  2. ahhh im loving you so much more now! Mumford and Sons is one of my faveeee bands, they dont get much love out here in Hawai'i, but i like "different". Your taste in music is awesome, I was introduced to Bon Iver from your blog a while back — LOOOOOVE HIM! So, basically …. thanks for sharing Andy (:Love from Hawai'i — Kayla

  3. It is very particular and different from everything i listen in general, but i love this song anyway! Thanks for make me discover this fabulous band. Can't stop to listen it now!I'm going RIGHT NOW on youtube to listen their other songs!

  4. Didn't know this band at all but they play exactly the music I love.Thx for letting me listen to themletyourselfbeinspiredby.blogspot.it

  5. Ohhh I love Mumford and sons, I just discovered them this summer. So I am very happy that in a few days I will have new songs to listen to!!!Ary

  6. I also love Mumford and sons so much. I saw them once in Nijmegen before they became famous in a very small theater. It was such an intimidate setting and since then I have been a great fan. So excited their new album is almost out!Love,AMShttp://rainandthunders.blogspot.nl

  7. I knew you were talking about this song right when I read the title of the post! I am happy too that they released a new song and to be honest I LOVE IT and I love their music

  8. Found this a while ago on youtube, and I love it, just like all of their songs. Their whole album is amazing, I love listening to it, can't wait for their second one!thefashionwaves.blogspot.com

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