andy torres from stylescrapbook look of the day wearing celine sunglasses, proenza schouler bag
Pants: River Island / Boots: Alexander Wang / Sweater: H&M Trend / Wings bracelet: Flashy Era / Golden Twig Ring: Michelle Oh / Golden Branches bracelet: Linda Friedrich / Melting ring:  Jung ee eun / Braided ring: Ayako Kanari
I really love this outfit, it makes me feel like I was wearing a school uniform, although I wish my school had skinny jeans as part of the uniform and instead, we had this -kinda ugly- pleated and checked skirts (trust me, it sounds better than it actually was :S) … Did you use to have a school uniform as well?

Me encanta este look por que me hace sentir como si trajera uniforme de escuela, aunque para ser sincera, ya quisiera que mi escuela nos hubiera dejado usar pantalones entubados de uniforme.  En lugar de eso, teníamos unas faldas plegadas de cuadritos bastante feas y pobre de la persona que no fuera con el uniforme➙ reporte y a la dirección! haha


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  1. Love your outfit!I went to an all girls Catholic school so we were dressed like nuns (without the headdress). Pleated dark blue skirt that went down to mid-calf and a white blouse + ID. Very nun-like! :)

  2. Ojala hubiera llevado uniforme para el colegio, siempre he querido llevarlo al contrario de las que si lo llavaron hahaha!Me encantan los pantalones, tanto el color como la forma y el 'estampado'. Colores de otoño, me encanta entrar en las tiendas y verlos. Simplemente me encanta esta temporada, me sorprendo!Muy buen post Andy, como todos!LOVE IT!NOELIA ROUGE

  3. Um no school uniforms, just unpleasant memories of green suede clogs. Wish I was in London! A friend of mine just traveled there. I should have given her couple hundred dollars to buy me a nice fitted trench. I can never find my size in the states. I think I need to move to Europe.Ali of aliandang

  4. I really love this outfit!! and I love the trousers!! :) I used to have a very similar ones when I was a little girl! hehe. I also had to wear uniform at school and it also had a checked skirt but in grey shades… hehe.♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  5. Great outfit!We didn't have a uniform, only for special occasion. It was a sailor blouse, it wasn't that bad. But we had to wear a cape and we had to have a pair of shoes which we wore only inside the building. It was compulsory to change it every day… :SGood old days… Haha :)xx,Agi

  6. Your look is so cool and fun! I used to have a school uniform but it had nothing to do with chess and beautiful patterns. Our uniforms were something similar to a dress (a horrible one!) with long sleeves, all buttoned up in the back and with vertical stripes. Needless to say that girls wore pink (sometimes yellow) and boys wore blue or dark green. I hated it!

  7. Yes, school uniform is awful! I have the grey uniform in my school and it's so hard to find something what will look chic and classic. I posted my school outfit on my blog btw;)

  8. OMG! Me encantan los pantalones, pero no creo que vuelva a usar cuadros en mi vida jamás. Duré 12 años usando el mismo uniforme, con las falda hasta las rodillas, pero no se si fueran cosas del destino o que, pero ya en el último año me gustaba usarla pero, solo por que era ya una mini falda, tantos años usandola se me crecieron las piernas y también crecí yo. Tenía varias, pero esa me gustaba más. :PQue tenga um feliz Domingo! XO

  9. In Australia everyone wears uniforms. Mine was A white blouse with a kilt style knee length skit checked skirt that was mostly dark blue with bright yellow stripes and a matching blue blazer that smelled like wet dog as soon as it go wet. since i went to a private school they were very sticked on uniform, hair had to be up, no jewellery or make up…uniform was ok but no jewellery go me many uniform detentions :P if only i had this lovely outfit as a uniform. :)

  10. You look amazing! Yeah, it looks like a school uniform but a really cool and stylish one :) And your jewelry is beautiful. Have a great sunday, xoxo

  11. Yup, my uniform was christmas tree green. I hated it. And we had the ugliest light green aprons. And striped blouses that were so synthetic that they smelled a tyre shop. Actually, everything was taken into consideration to not flatter a female body :-D I hadn't heard about nice clothing and fashion until I was 18, that is. Glad that world has been opened now!Love,Jolien

  12. Me parece genial el look! Yo pensé en pantalones de rayas en vez de a cuadros, pero me estan tentando los dos jajabesitos guapa

  13. Pretty look, I love your pants !And your watch is simply BEAUTIFUL!Andy, I love you.. You'll probably think I'm crazy but, I don't know how to explain to you : It's a rainy sunday morning and I'm bored, and your post and your friendly smile brightned up my day. Thank you a million for this. I'm a huge fan of yours :)

  14. The first thought that went through my mind when seeing this outfit was school uniform! Haha! :pLuckily I didn't had school uniforms on my High School.♥

  15. no never, sounds funny, but maybe is not that much. Andy, I love your shoes, but i can't see them very well in this post…can u do something?! smack

  16. Love your look! And makes me think of a cool school uniform indeed! I never had one (luckily) but somehow it's an idea that is appealing. Love how simple the look is, but how many details there are when you look a second time :) And the double-picture is so great, you must have a very stylish twin sister :P She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog

  17. In my junior high school I had ugly navy blue tshirts. It was really tariblle! I hate it! But you look wonderful, like from American movies – fashion school girl :DXXX

  18. We also had a school uniform, I loved it. It was a dark blue pleated skirt with a baby blue poloshirt. Really liked it a lot. Another school of ours had a combination which I did not like as much as the other: green/red/white checked pleated skirt with red stockings, white poloshirt. I hope school uniform will be getting into all of the schools in Europe someday, I'd love my kids to have one as well. x

  19. We also had a school uniform, I loved it. It was a dark blue pleated skirt with a light blue poloshirt. Another school of ours had a checked pleated skirt with a red/green combo, not my fav, but I really like school uniforms and hope my kids with have some later as well! You look stunning!x

  20. Love your outfit. I've seen these checked pants on a lot of blogs lately, maybe I should get myself a pair of them. We're lucky not to have a uniform at school. I think it would make me feel pretty unhappy, not being able to fully express myself. ♥

  21. Only posh private schools have school uniforms here in Portugal. I used to go to a private school that suddenly decided to turn posh and have a uniform. I immediately told my parents I would NOT be attending that school the next year. I was 11 years old. Funny how I've always detested being boxed in and made to wear what others said I must ;)

  22. Yes, private schools used to do that. Mine was checked as well but not pleated though. I wasn´t that bad but at that time i really though it was awful. Hope you have enjoyed the FW! Love xoxo M.

  23. These Scottish plaid pants are so classic and stunning in an upstyle skinny jean! The boots and multi gold rings top it all off!! I want to wake up and find all of this in my closet!!Love, -Laurenadorn la femme

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