September 22, 2012 in Photo Diaries, Trips by Andy

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Jeez, Why do I always get so bummed whenever I run out of my NYC posts?.  I guess because in a way, as long as I keep posting about it, a small part of me is still there. No? Ok, well, that is the explanation I like giving my brain, for that reason and that reason only, I decided to put together a small post, to remember that amazing week…I took a bunch of photos with my phone that never made it to the blog, so I decided to share them all at once… New York, I miss you!  
Por alguna extraña razón, siempre me da melancolía terminar con mis posts de Nueva York, así que se me ocurrió hacer un ultimo diario con todas las memorias del viaje. Estuve tomando muchísimas fotos con el iPhone durante esos 8 días y como solo las había compartido por instagram, se me ocurrió ponerlas aquí y darle un ultimo respiro a mis aventuras neoyorquinas esta temporada…Nueva York, ¡Te extraño!