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So it seems like the star accessory for next season is the statement earring, those which you used to sneak out of your grandmas jewelry box when you were 8, those exactly and the bigger the better… I already have 3 pairs in my collection, all from H&M but I am looking to expand it.  ASOS and Boticca have great options, I just need to figure out which -decisions, decisions- … What do you think about the big chunky earrings? Yay or nay?
Parece ser que para la temporada que viene, el accesorio estrella son los aretes, de esos que le sacabas a tu abuelita sin que se diera cuenta cuando tenias 8 años, esos exactamente y mientras mas grandes, mejor … Yo ya tengo 3 pares en mi colección, todos de H&M pero estoy pensando en agregar algunos mas sin tener que romper la alcancía. ASOS y Boticca tienen muy buenas opciones. Tu que opinas de estos aretotes, yay o guacala, que asco?-como diría mi primita Carola-. 

128 thoughts on “STATEMENT EARRINGS

  1. Better later than never… I think that the two Asos pairs are a perfect choice, 1rst one to shine, 2nd one to kick every minimalistic outfit!Fanny

  2. I am a fan of massive earrings and I STILL wear the earrings from my grandma's jewelry box! Love your earrings and love your style.xoxoRetroClassy

  3. I've bought some big earrings in the past, but I ended up wearing them once. I prefer to wear some small hoops or a hamsa hand and simple silver one in my one ear and then nothing in the other one. Well, maybe I should give them another try. ♥

  4. I love statement earrings. I have been collecting them for years! The 3rd pair is so studding! I am definitely adding those to my wish list!

  5. I love the #6 neon pink by H&M. Something about them is too cute. I usually wouldn't wear or like statement, costume earrings but these are a good selection. I think they can look cheap sometimes. Especially pearls- steer clear! :) xoxo

  6. LOVE LOVE a statement earring, it's so much fun!! Some great picks here, can't wait to add to my ever expanding collection!!xx

  7. Me encantan Andy! Tengo los número 6 de tu collage y otros muy parecidos pero en amarillo neón, y otros más con pedrería transparente… Son preciosos!! Me ha gustado muchísimo tu selección, un beso :)Andrea in Fashion

  8. I love big earrings and I have many pairs in a variety of colors. Some of them tend to hurt my ears after a while because of their weight. Only downside. In any case big YAY! I love chunky pieces!Love,Juliana

  9. Me gusta que escribas en castellano!! :DPersonalmente pienso que esa bisutería no me quedaría bien… creo que se me quedaría bastante grande respecto a mi cara xD.Soy nueva en el mundo blogger, te pasas??venusdelirante.blogspot.comGracias! besitos :)

  10. XD ¨guacala¨ jajajajaja Yo ya tengo un par tambien en FOREVER21 tambien tienen muy buenos precios y la calidad sorprende un monton!Besos!

  11. Marni have a gorgeous pair out right now! Loving your picks.Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo intotheblonde BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

  12. I don't like them…but I think I only have to find out the right statement earrings that fit cool on me! :)xx Elle

  13. I absolutely love those earrings. It's so sad that I can only wear real silver or gold earrrings, because in any other case my ears will be a lot bigger than the usual :D I would buy every single pair of earrings in your collection. They are so great :) xx

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