Last Friday during my photo shoot for Canon, Niamh -the makeup artist- pulled out this beautiful shade of “nude” nail polish and gave my nails a much needed manicure. I fell so in love with this new shade, that one of the first things I did on the weekend was buying a bottle for myself. The color is called “Samoan Sand” and I am sure it will soon become a favorite of yours as well.

104 thoughts on “SAMOAN SAND

  1. Chabel and Dior might look super classy, but OPI (and Sally) has the best quality ever! Love the nude

  2. That is a great shade! I should have this too! I am always searching for the perfect nude and mine is too pink! Thanks for sharing! xx Pip

  3. Such a pretty nude colour, i still have to find the perfect nude colour for on my nails. I think i'm going to give this on a go

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