The doctor always used to tell me that I have to drink at least 2 liters of water, specially during the summer, so I developed this habit of always carrying a bottle of water with me everywhere I go. I have to admit that with the years I started to get bored of only drinking plain water so I started chopping fruit inside a jar to mix with it and now thats pretty much all I drink during the summer.
It is really simple and you are still keeping it healthy, plus you get to eat the fruit afterwards which makes the “drinking water” a bit more fun.
The jar on the photo above is the “recipe” that I use more often but here are 3 different ones that I love and I advise you to try at home:
1)One Sliced apple
2)Small piece of sliced ginger
3)One sliced peach
4) A cinnamon stick
5)Jar full of plain water
6) Ice
1)Sliced strawberries
2)Sliced grapes
3)One sliced orange 
4) One sliced lemon
5)Jar full of plain water
1) Chopped mint leaves
2) Thinly slices cucumber
3)Jar full of plain water
*This one might sound a bit weird because of the cucumber, but trust me, its DELICIOUS!
Have a nice weekend!


  1. I love fruit water. Great recipies. In the summer i ae ice tea water. Just add about three bags of a fruit flavor tea to a large jar f water and place it in the fridge. Thats it. No boiling necessary.

  2. i love drinking water with mint, cucumber and lemon. you should really try it since you already love water with just cucumber and mint. it's so refreshing and keeps me hydrated in the 100 degree weather here in utah!

  3. Sounds and looks delicious! I'm just wondering wether you use a jar with a lid or not? I find that whenever I have something like this in my fridge, it starts tasting funky real fast as it absorbs flavor from everything else in there…

  4. I'm not a fan of flavored water! I want mine cold and without bubbles! But these recipes can also be used on iced tea instead of water, so I may try them after all! Thank you for sharing. Loved the photo!

  5. OMG!! This is probably my favorite post. haha. thanks for the advices. I consider to try those refreshing drinks. I agree with you, though. water (simple water) is just boring. I have to say that's why I don't drink water that much, when I say I don't, I mean I can last a week or more than a week without to. I know that's not good but I really don't like its taste and I only do it when I take a medicine but believe me, it is not a glass full of water.. If i can't with 2 litters, neither with a full glass, but I said and promised to myself I'd change my bad food habits to a good and healthy ones. So, I have to try it all and to start my "diet" I'll start with the #3. I trust you and sometimes you have to make an effort, so I shall. Thanks so so so so so much Andy.One more thing, I know this is a fashion blog, but can you make more posts like these, please ? not something to post everyday but sometimes. :)

  6. oh this looks so refreshing! Definitely going to try this, since it's super hot outside these days

  7. These recipes sound delicious! I really need to drink more water in the summer and I hate plain water so I'll definitely be trying these!

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