One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that whenever people tell you you cant, wont or shouldn’t do something, if you believe it is the right thing to do, you must NEVER let them stop you…

I hope you like the mini comic book I put together :)
Una de las cosas que he aprendido con el paso de los años, es que cada vez que alguien te diga que no puedes hacer algo, si tu crees que es lo correcto, no debes dejar que NADIE te pare…

Espero que les guste el comic :)
Photos by Richard Nicholls / Edited by me

159 thoughts on “LIFE LESSONS

  1. Que genialidad, me encanta! Y cuanta razón tienes! esto me anima y me da fuerzas!! Gracias!besitos :)

  2. Too cute! I love the images and that dress- amazing. And great life lesson. Believe in yourself and your dreams! xoxo

  3. Ahah this mini comic book is such a great idea. And you're absolutely right when you want something do everything you can to have it. Whe should let ppl decide whats best for us. I'm in love with this dress. I want the same one.Kiss Andie ;)

  4. Great post!! I really loved and enjoyed it! hehe :D . I also mix my own drawings in the pictures of my blog… come and have a look if you want! ;) I would really love to read your opinion!♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  5. Aww, such a sweet message conveyed in a fun form! :) Love what you did there. And just when I had just gotten a "hater" comment. It wasn't even negative. It was just pure nonsense hate. Love your blog! Always an inspiration :)♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  6. Haha, great job!I got it too, that some people -whether they know you del or they don't- feel like they need to tell you what you can or cannot do. In the past I tended to listen to that, but I have been doing my own thing for for years and it is frickin liberating! So thanks for this post. It is so true! If you're doing the right thing, you can get away with everything!Love,Juliana

  7. i love the idea of making a comic out of your look. this looks like some pretty good photoshopskills :)xx M

  8. OMG! I'm in love with your boots. Love the comic concept too!Happy Monday Hun xoxo intotheblonde BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

  9. True words! Always do what YOU think is the best for you and never care what other people think. Great comic! Maybe you will be the next batgirl

  10. buenísimo el cómic andy! y es muy cierto lo que decís. hay que darle para adelante y creer en una misma! :) que tengas un lindo martes! XOJannine

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