Jumper: Givenchy Men / Pants: J Brand / Shoes: ZARA / Bag: Proenza Schouler / Sunnies: ASOS
It doesn’t happen very often that the rain pours down really hard while the sun is still shining, such a beautiful sight, specially because somewhere in the sky, you always find a rainbow.
My boyfriend and I bought this Givenchy jumper in Florence”to share”, but I found him sneaking it inside his closet -hoping I might not notice?-. Little did he know, I was fully aware of the whereabouts of it and very quietly, took it out of his closet and placed it neatly in mine, hoping he doesn’t find it  -or reads this text- :P


  1. haha well I'm sure it looks way more fabulous on you anyways ;) Super cute outfit and I love your hair here! EF xo

  2. haha well I'm sure it looks way more fabulous on you anyways ;) Super cute outfit and I love your hair here! EF xo

  3. i love how you're wearing your hair – i will have to try that myself, it's so cute. and nice one for stealing the jumper back, it's really awesome :) x

  4. Que guapa Andy ¡ Me encanta como combinas el suéter con los jeans pitillo ! Besitos :: Luba XX Lubahttp://very-well-living.blogspot.comGIVEAWAY on my blog : exclusive jewelry by Teresa Kurson

  5. So cute! I love shopping for men's sweaters too. They just have a nicer "oversized" look to them :)

  6. Últimamente una de mis marcas fetiches es Givenchy, y en partículas sudaderas y camisetas como la que llevas hoy en tu outfit.SCOUT

  7. amazingxxx

  8. @Virginia Angius: I never read an email from you dear. It either got lost in my inbox or maybe went straight to spam, I have no idea. I get around 200 emails a day and its really difficult to keep up. Would you be able to send it again? XxAndy

  9. Men should know that women will always out smart them!! Love your hair like this Andy.Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo intotheblonde BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

  10. Great look!! You should totally stand your ground when it comes to this sweater, it's awesome! xo AndreaWonderful and Marvelous

  11. Such a strange summer in Amsterdam this year, which leads to combinations with sweaters & sunnies. Love this one! Ordered a pair of sunnies like these with a clear frame. Can't wait to get them into my mailbox! Have a nice day!

  12. spectacular. me dejas sin palabras cn tus increibles lookstengo nuevo lookfran

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