August 10, 2012 in DIY by Andy

I wanted to dye this skirt the moment I saw it. I actually have 2, got the second one on the ZARA sales for something like 10 euros and bought it specifically for DIY’ing purposes. Little did I know, the tag said: Do not iron, Do not dry clean, Do not wash, Do not bleach and Do not tumble dry, so I had to risk it and do most of the above, hoping the skirt didn’t disintegrate before my eyes…This left me wondering if we are “expected” to buy these pieces and wear them only once or twice? Its crazy to think that if you make your garment dirty by mistake, there is no way of washing it and made me realize that in future, I will check the inside tags before I buy anything.
On the bright side, the DIY was a success, I already shot a look of the day with the skirt to show you the result, but thats coming on Sunday … Have an amazing weekend!