Dress: MANGO (old) / Photos by Richard Nicholls


Waking up at 5:00 am to be able to shoot at the break of dawn might sound crazy, but it also sounded like a good idea at the time …I was putting my clean laundry back in my closet and I found this dress I’ve had for over a year waiting to be worn -Ok, maybe I forgot about it as it was piled under a couple more dresses- but the moment I saw it, I pictured a shoot at the beach on the break of dawn and I immediately thought; If I don’t do this now before the summer ends, I’ll have to wait another year and I really don’t like waiting.
Don’t know how I managed to get up so early but I am not gonna complain, I love the end result and I know that if I would have gone a few minutes later, the light would’ve been completely different and we wouldn’t have gotten the photos/light we wanted.
Despertarme a las 5 de la mañana para tomar fotos con la luz del amanecer se me hizo una locura, pero también una idea buenísima… Mientras guardaba mi ropa limpia en el closet, me encontré este vestido que tengo desde hace mas de un año y no había tenido la ocasión para usarlo, así que lo primero que me imagine fueron fotos en la playa al amanecer y eso fue exactamente lo que hice al día siguiente.
Todavia sigo sorprendida de que me desperte a las 5 de la mañana para hacer esto, pero no me voy a quejar por que estoy feliz con el resultado, unos minutos después y la luz de las fotos hubiera sido completamente distinta, así que valió la pena :)

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  1. You had such a great idea Andy! those photos are stunning you look super lovely in every single photo and together they are better than a Vogue's photoshoot because you smile :) and the dress it self is simple but amazing so classy but also so glam because of the polka dots pattern and i just love love long dresses: they are so… Grace Kelly like ahaha :)kisses from Italy :*

  2. These pictures are truly amazing! The tones and everyhing, the way your flowy dress moves, it's just gorgeous. I like your beach photoshoot with Zanita much more but these pics really are

  3. Love Love Love this dresss! I'm from I've been blogging for 2 months now and I just moved my Blog host to Blogger I'm trying to add a few things, and I hope you'll take a look around! I follow you on Bloglovin' Will you follow me?

  4. ohh these photo's are so beautiful!!I loooove how they turned out.Maybe I should try this one time, although it's REALLY early in the moring hahaxx

  5. You should be happy with the results, cause these photos are amazing. I wish I could shoot pictures like that -or my boyfriend, and that I would look so nice on the photos-. That dress is really pretty and very good for a breaking dawn shooting.XxMarleenStyle Route

  6. Hola! Divinas fotos, sin duda valió la pena levantarse a las 5 de la mañana. Me encanta el vestido. Besos

  7. I really love it!! And how amazing that you waiting for the right time.. well, waited.. woke up for it :)Such beautiful pictures!! xo

  8. Amazing dress and pictures. You look so gorgeous as usual. End result is fascinating! Great pics for a fashion ad ;) Karina Ibelis http:/

  9. Hi Andy,I would like to know if you're doing any sport in particular (if you are doing one) to have such wonderful/amazing/gorgeous/breathtaking etc legs? Thanks! x

  10. U know when you see something and your world just stop, jaw drops and no words come out of your mouth cos u are in awe? yeah just had that moment looking at these photos. If I haven't said this before-Andy you are a stunning girl and the camera agrees with you even at 5 am. you are right the results are def worth getting up at such an unholy hour.xoxoIvy (picking my jaw off the floor)

  11. Usually I'm not that fond of maxi dresses, they often have no good fit or prints that are way over the top… But this one? I like! I like how it suits you, and the dots are playfull.Being at the beach at the crack of dawn is amazing right? I love the smell of wet sand :-)

  12. This is such a gorgeous dress! And waking up so early was totally worth it, the pictures are so natural and light. Really gives a nice atmosphere! Great look Andy :)

  13. Gorgeous photos!!! Once, I've also woke up at 6 am to take photos on the beach when there's no one :D

  14. You look so gorgeous! So fresh and beautiful! These photo's are amazingggggI've started a new blog so I hope you can check it out :)

  15. Love it Andy! Hope you like my perspex clutch! xoxo

  16. Simply stunning! I was just thinking about doing the same thing and I'm like you…I don't want to wait until next year, so I better do it soon too! Hehe :)

  17. Andy,it's amazing that you do so much for your blog. Rally admire that!!And your gift for all this work are pictures – amazing pictures – like these :)<3 Elisa

  18. I absolutely love how'fresh' the shoots look! You look so beautiful c: The polka dot maxidress is at the sametime playful & graceful!It's worth waking up5.00 in the morning c: xx

  19. Definitely worth getting up for Andy, the shots are AMAZING! The dress is gorgeous too.Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo intotheblonde BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

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