170 thoughts on “BICOLOR DENIM

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes – and they match your watch! I never quite think I can pull off the chunky watch, but it looks great here xxxCheck out my blog – what-the-chic.blogspot.com

  2. I always get inspiration from your daily posts; strangely enough they always seem to be in line with my current [fashion] thinking. A very nice outfit, especially for a day of shooting!

  3. I love how you did your hair here! Looks great against the casual denim look. Amazing loafters and accessories too! EF xohttp://theboudoirmemoirs.blogspot.com

  4. OMG! Me encanta el look, las fotos y tu corte de pelo! Es que te queda tan bien! Jejej ya te lo dije hace poco pero es que es verdad!Precioso blog Andy! Un besito!!!Carmen.

  5. hi andy,i read your blog a lot and really like your style.just wanted to say that your bag is very nice and cute, and me like you love spending my money over high quality and chic goods (especially on bags and shoes), BUT,in my opinion, it is a little bit annoying that Proenza Schoular charges £1,195 per such daily-regullar (yet cute) bag. designers bags usually cost around 1000$+-, like my miu miu Vitello Lux bag, which is famous (with all due respect, miu miu has a bigger name and seniority than Proenza Schoular) , big and classic but is still kind of affordable for most of the people. Proenza Schoular takes this simple bag and uses it only for one thing- to glorify their name. by that, they're sending the wrong massage to the fashion lovers – it doesn't matter what is that you're spending on, it matters how much you pay. just wrong. i bet you know that, because you do mix designers and low-priced cloths. this bag – just exaggerated.have a nice weekend,[email protected]

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