July 13, 2012 in Fashion, Lookbook by Andy

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Dress: H&M Conscious collection /  Photos by Zanita
I am so very -read extremely- happy to share with you guys my first collaboration with one of the first bloggers I started to follow back in the day, way before the whole blogging phenomenon -and I am talking years and years back-.
The beautiful Zanita -Blogger, photographer and model- has to be one of the coolest & most talented chicks I have ever met. I have been following her blog for the longest time, so the moment she contacted me to do something together, I was extremely happy…We wanted to do a shoot together during her stay in Europe and I remembered how I never got to showcase this dress on the blog properly – apart from a couple of photos months ago- so doing a shoot, finally wearing this dress was a no brainer, plus we got so lucky with the weather that we decided to do it at the beach.
We literally shot over 700 photos in around 15 minutes, running up and down the beach and jumping in every single possible way I thought could look somehow graceful…At some point during the shoot, Zanita was also running behind me and side to side to be able to get the shot in motion, it was hilarious  and super skilled! 😛
I am so happy not only because of our collaboration, but also because we are not longer only fellow bloggers, but also friends :) … Thank you so much Zanita and come back soon!