Leather Jacket: MANGO / Bag: Alexander Wang / Shorts: H&M men / T-shirt: H&M / Shoes: Uterqüe
I am still in Barcelona until Monday but I am seriously considering staying 2 more days to celebrate my Birthday -17 of July- here, lets see…Sorry for my super brief text lately but I am touristing around the city and getting sunburnt at the beach. 
Happy Sunday!

175 thoughts on “VIVA ESPAÑA

  1. you seem really cool :)love your style! i following you, would you follow me?im sure youll love it too!www.lethemstare.blogspot.comKache – LTS

  2. I was in Barcelona few weeks ago. I absolutely loved it there and didn't want to leave!! I'm glad you're having such a great time.

  3. Ole ole!! Como me gusta el título del post! Celébralo por esta tierra nuestra, no te defraudará!! Casi somos del mismo día, hoy es el mio!! Felicidades para ti anticipadas!

  4. You are so cute and that jacket is too good to be true. And that backpack! Haha I hope you're having the best time in Barcelona! It looks like a blast x

  5. Hi Andy! :) I have a little question for you, do you prefer Canon or Nikon?? I know that this maybe a question asked (too) many times but I still haven't had the chance to get the opinion of one of my favorite bloggers, even just with a small response to my comment! :)Thank you in advance and I look forward to having your response! :*

  6. Such a cute look and I can't believe these are men's shorts! They would be very teeny on a guy!!! But they're perfect on you :)xoxo

  7. i really really love this outfit on you andy, the jacket and shorts are so beautiful.. especially paired with the bag, it makes it so you.. and what about those loafers?? theyre just about the best flats i've seen in a long time!<3

  8. Love your outfit!! Barcelona is a great city to spend your birthday!! And tempting!! =)

  9. I am so jealous. I'd really love to be in Barcelona as well right now! Have fun getting sun tanned at the beach and walking around in the city :) Btw, I love this leather jacket. The colour looks amazing! xx

  10. I am seriously having a major crush on your loafers..i have never seen something more beautiful in my life!! i tell you, you are one lucky girl..and stop considering having your birthday in Barca but instead just do it!! it's the best place in the entire world to have your b-day party in. Me, myself, I celebrated my 18 year old b-day party there last year..which is on the 27th of July hehe. I wish you a happy happy b-day and please, keep inspiring me to aspire for perfection ! :)

  11. ¡ Qué buena idea ! Yo, sueño con celebrar mi cumpleaños en Barcelona *_* ! En todo caso, buena estancia en la más bonita ciudad del mundo ;)

  12. Please stay at Barcelona ! The weather her in the Netherlands sucks big time! Again in love with your look, the shorts is so cool. Love the aztec print and nice combnation with the suede jacket!

  13. waow great look.. always look fabulous.. love your look your new shoes.. and i cant wait to see your birthday timekuti

  14. Yo vivo en Barcelona! Y la verdad que es una ciudad preciosa (aunque viviendo aquí no es que sea muy imparcial jeje). Disfrutala <3

  15. The more I read your blog, the more i feel like you have a fantastic jacket/coat collection! This one has such a rich deep colour which stands out and enhances the outfit

  16. Andy you look beyond gorgeous and stylish (as always!!!!) i love your art to put out an outfit. Keep the great job. Xoxo I hope you could visit my blog someday :)

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